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  1. We accrue tax free leave just like AD and once we De-mob we are put on leave for the duration of the accrued leave. I would guess that they would be able to put me on 10 days of non-chargeable and then start my accrued leave after that.Thanks for looking into it, I wont be able to ask anyone until we go through de-mob.
  2. APPLICABILITY: PATERNITY LEAVE IS ONLY AUTHORIZED FOR A MARRIED SOLDIER ON ACTIVE DUTY, TO INCLUDE TITLE 10 AND TITLE 32 ACTIVE GUARD AND RESERVE (AGR) DUTY, WHOSE WIFE GIVES BIRTH TO A CHILD ON OR AFTER 14 OCTOBER 2008. This is an excerpt from the ALARACT, I'm currently NG deployed (Not AGR) and my wife is going to be having a baby before I get home. Has anyone been through this before, and did you get the 10 days?
  3. They are also offering Call to AD for guard pilots to pick up tracked 64 and 47 pilots. I just read about it in the army times SQI C/F/G/H/I and Ch-47 pilots C/F/G/H/L. Seems like they are in need of apache drivers right now.
  4. I was never issued a watch but I fly with a G shock GW 4000-1A. Its solar powered and atomic, resistant to 15G's and waterproof. I never have to mess with it and the hands are indiglo. I think they run about $350. I also have a hamilton X-copter but i do not fly with it anymore.
  5. You are getting less title 32 active duty time which equates to less retirements points, the guard isn't doing you any favors by sending you back home.
  6. Ignore whatever ATRRS reservations you have, they don't mean anything once you get into the "pipeline". B Co. will do all of your course scheduling once you graduate WOCS.
  7. Yes the 160th assesses NG in addition to AD pilots, some get picked up, some don't.
  8. It's not even worth buying them until you get through WOCS
  9. I think he is picking up his lunch to take to work, thats about all the weight they can carry
  10. I'm not sure what we can/cannot talk about as far as readiness so maybe i shouldn't say anymore, but no we do not have the hours we need or would like.
  11. I feel like that was a good answer. I was one of 2 people that were late for Am flight line. My wife dropped me off at the gate at Cairns and I walked my happy ass all the way to ranger flight classroom, i got there right after daily questions. I went in and talked to him and he was pissed, but when i told him i walked from the front gate he laughed and sent me out of his office. He was a cool guy. My LT class leader forgot to text me and tell me Mr. Heath said he would come get me at the gate when i got there.
  12. Mine would def be an A-10. I saw one down at TLH on a flight down there. Three hawks flew into the airport, and a bunch of civilians were out on the pad looking at the A-10. As we hover taxiid in no one even looked at us. And that is why the A-10 is so cool.
  13. Right now I am lucky to make my 8 hours annually as a guard pilot. Our blade hours, fuel money and AFTP's have all been cut, and word is next year will have more sim time, less flying. I've waivered my semi-annual hours this year, it sucks. Thats why I volunteered for a C-12 deployment . Hoping to get a few more hours over there.
  14. I can attest to this as well, I was in ranger flight with Mr. Heath the only thing i remember from primary now is " LTE is the occurance of a sudden and uncommanded rapid right yaw rate, which does not subside of its own accord, and if not quickly reacted to by the pilot, could lead to a loss of aircraft control" or something like that, its been a while
  15. I used to hate on chinooks too, mainly because my brother is a 15U and i was a 15T when i was enlisted, but the F model totally changed my mind about them....and all that power.
  16. I was just messing with you, don't worry about it. I would say that base/mission tasks on a UH-60 are proably "easier" compared to a 64, but I've not seen to many 64 guys that are up on instruments like the lift guys are. I think each airframe has its challenges.
  17. He is "waiting for his WOCS orders to be printed", so don't mess with him, he has been there and seen it all.
  18. I AM THE GREATEST!!!! I think in other services they always saw that fighter pilots are the top percentage of the their aviators, i think for the army that there is really no airframe that has the top percent of pilots.
  19. That's totally different than the Active Duty/USAREC board they go through
  20. I lifted a 6,000lb concrete block in an empty A+ at 99% tq a month or two ago. I'm jealous
  21. What states are you looking at and what airframes? that would help with input
  22. UH-60's are going to be pulled from AD and given to the RC if the apache Lakota thing plays out to its entirety, so in that case that would mean more 15T MOS positions are created.
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