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  1. electron_si, Joe_P148, UH60L-IP, Lindsey, goodfx, and stearmann4, Thank you to each one of you for your insights. I fully understand each of your points. Your words will not be lost on me as I continue in my endeavor. As many of you have stated, my timing is off during this ebb and flow of selection. I will continue regardless. For Joe, I have made the mistake of putting all my eggs in this basket, only to have them all broken at once; I have developed viable COAs as contingencies. For Mike, I value your thoughts the most because I view you as a patriarch of sorts for these forums. I hope to
  2. Let’s cut the bullshit… shoot straight with me. Who’s been selected with waivers? Don't gloss over just yet. For those of you who have been selected, congratulations. For those of you who are waiting, good luck. I fully understand that waivers are the exception, not the norm; but if we run the numbers, what is the percentage of those selected with them? In the last few years, it’s about 10% or less, depending on the type of waiver. I also understand that these turbulent times wax and wane and will soon change yet again; this is more than a simple frisson. Presently, the selection bo
  3. (This is mainly for AD members) Has anyone needed an exception to policy for their physical? My physical has been delayed because of an issue, but it can be approved with the exception. This requires letters of recommendation from chain of command from Company, Battalion, Brigade, and first general officer. I can use (and have) the required LoRs from CO/BN commanders [from warrant packet], but I'm at a loss for what the higher two are supposed to look like. If anyone can provide insight, please respond. If you have gone through the process, please PM.
  4. Being turned down myself (twice), I have been where you are now. I have invested years of time and effort in my ultimate goal, doing things in the Army to counteract my past and not let someone reading my packet assume history will repeat itself. I want this more than the Army needs me for this. And yes, I've heard it many times before: "Why would they choose mine with waivers over someone's that doesn't?" It has been said by senior Warrant Officers on this forum that times are changing for the Army, and they will change again and again. The need to fill seats will wax and wane with these chan
  5. It seems like taboo to even mention moral waivers, but hiding in the shadows only gets us so far (dirty laundry ensues). I need moral waivers for a DUI and related charges that happened 10 years ago during my juvenile past. I submitted all required documents and then some for the Streamlined Moral Waiver Process a week ago, haven't heard anything yet (no news is good news). Now, all of a sudden, they announce that there is no longer a streamlined process and all moral waivers must be submitted as part of a complete warrant officer application (as of 10JUL2013). Me being me, I am thinking 1) th
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