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  1. Our State WOSM just visited Mother Rucker- he said that WOCS was working to combine the courses into 5 weeks and hopes to have an answer in FY19.
  2. Any folks here that can give an idea of what to expect being an M-day pilot and working a professional career? Thanks,
  3. There is a guy in my class whom got one for that reason
  4. If any of y'all need some study materials Ive got some digital copies On a different note, if any of y'all decide to invade Switzerland in your future world domination plans, make sure its during their not working hours http://theaviationist.com/2014/02/18/ethiopian-air-def-response/
  5. Can anyone give those of us in the pipeline what the flight hours are looking like? Have the min and proficiency changed as of lately?
  6. 1st Battalion 227th Aviation Regiment. The Battalion is celebrating their 50th Anniversary, this year. A/227 AHB was formed February 13th, 1963.
  7. Really, 5 months? great Scott!!! Mine only took 3-4weeks.
  8. Anyone notice how many crashes there have been recently? 1. USAF Pavehawk in the UK 2. Navy 53 off VA 3. Navy FA-18 off VA And now a 160th incident (http://mobile.armytimes.com/article/20140116/NEWS/301160006)
  9. just adding fuel too the fire... http://www.abc27.com/story/24438313/pa-guard-fights-army-over-apache-helicopters
  10. Army Mulls Cut Of Three Aviation Brigades As Worst-Case Scenario Under Restructure The Army is looking at a worst-case scenario of three fewer combat aviation brigades as it restructures its aviation branch, according to the service's Aviation Center of Excellence Commander at Ft. Rucker, AL.
  11. Here some supporting docs. "Posted on InsideDefense.com: January 10, 2014 Air Army. Big news, just posted: Defense Secretary Gives Go-Ahead To Army's Planned Aviation Restructure Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has approved an Army plan to restructure its aviation forces that includes divesting all OH-58 Kiowa Warrior helicopters and taking all AH-64 Apache helicopters out of the National Guard to fill the active component's armed aerial scout mission requirement, according to a defense official. The official said the defense secretary has adopted the Army's plan in the form it was briefed on Capitol Hill, to key industry players and to Inside the Army last month. The approval of the aviation restructure was driven by internal Pentagon guidance given to the Army earlier this week. A resource management decision that will further detail the implementation of the plan, which will inform the fiscal year 2015 budget request, has yet to be distributed. Orders from the Army staff to move the plan forward are expected in March or April, the official added. Another defense official confirmed the plan has leadership support, but noted the budget is only considered final when the President releases it."
  12. I'll tell you right now, the 9J program (WOFT-reserve), although listed in the books, it is not funded by the Reserves at this time, per the Deputy of training at Rucker for ARNG and AR. I've been barking up that tree for a while. In the end I took the active route.
  13. Word at mother Rucker is SECDEF has signed off on the 58/72/64/67 deal and plans to incorp it into the FY15 budget
  14. Technically you are not suppose to see yours. But I got to see mine at the time.
  15. I'll leave it at that... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yf2tOYKTgk
  16. Any of you folks from just got selected have their 67 chapter 5 and 8 booklets? And willing I pass them down? I am here at Rucker about to start WOCS in January
  17. The reserve slot is a NO- GO. I've been barking up that tree for a long time. Even submitted my packet under te 9J program with a letter of acceptance from a reaerve unit but USAREC said the program was closed and placed me under active duty slot. Just finished BCT and about to start WOCS
  18. I do know at Marine OCS that they gave you the option to go Reserve or Active for ground contracts to switch and if slots were available even Air.
  19. I know it's possible to submit a request for " conditional release" from reserve to active duty, or even from AD to another branch. But is it possible to request a conditional release from AD to reserves?
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