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  1. Just caught up on this thread ... maybe I should get on here more often
  2. Haha, ya. Im pretty quiet around here now. Probably just come on from time to time to see where ur headed (real-super creeper status) haha. Im sure you'll be happy with 60's (or wouldve been with any other acft the Army's got). Ive been enjoying my time away from Rucker ... especially since i was there for over 5 yrs.
  3. Congtats Lindsey. I'm not on here much anymore ... usually just checking this thread to see what you select. Come on over to Bliss, where it's nice and cool this time of year :| actually liking it here though
  4. A month to month rental that's "nice" might be hard to find. We stayed at the Daleville in (the most expensive unit they had) back in like 08. Classy green leather furniture, but those units were actually clean (unlike other rentals they run). I was stationed there (enlisted) back then and leaving for deployment in a couple months. It wasn't as bad as people make it out to be ... but I definitely wouldn't call it nice. I would never rent in daleville besides a couple months. Other than a couple other comparable to the dville inn, you could find some TDY units through property managers. Most I've seen are furnished townhomes (that's what i did with mine when we headed off for korea). Last I saw, they were kinda pricey ... I think they hike the prices up for foreign students.
  5. https://youtu.be/PK0QIoJOAjk if u ever wonder about who's on the other side of the mic. This was my old mos ... my last assignment was actually at the school house with these dudes. Man, I don't miss that crap at all.
  6. I think they were recording this when I was in flight school (Said it was a new recruiting video, which I guess is about right) I remember the BWS guys complaining about how they were using a 67 to go to an RT because it was better suited for the camera lol. we would have them recording us walking around and they recorded our selection.
  7. There are a couple other inexpensive townhouse developments in Enterprise other than the massive amount on freedom drive. I.E. Sandy Oak dr. (cul de sac, no hoa), commons, ridgeway ... all right off rucker blvd
  8. If no one claims it here u can always put it up on the rucker/enterprise buy and sell. flight school stuff usually went pretty fast.
  9. A couple yrs ago accompanied werent guaranteed off-post. They were pushing Hanaam Villiage because it wasnt filled (Which was real crappy for people who would have to drive/bus to k16). i def wouldnt bring a pet unaccompanied/single. Its not terribly expensive to ship your pet ... few hundred bucks. just make sure u have ur paperwork straight for customs so they don't quarantine them.
  10. I thought they were getting 60L's with no transition to Mikes anytime soon (At least for Irwin/Polk). Could be wrong but I thought thats what I got from branch brief last week.
  11. Saving them as pdfs (as opposed to scanning) also creates smaller individual file sizes. This allowed me to merge them in just 2 or 3 files ... ive seen people scan them and end up needing to send upwards of 10 (and looks less professional in my opinion).
  12. Dont think it matters. Most things you could save just save as a pdf to keep them looking clean ... erb, da photo ... pretty much anything not handsigned. Then merge them together as necessary with a free adobe pro trial (plenty of free online pdf editors you could use as well)
  13. I think our class had 5 people booted. One after about the first week (lacked leadership). 4 after land nav (who also struggled with leadership/additional duties) ... the rest of the second time land nav failures were pushed back a class. After other drops (security clearance/honor code) we ended up with like 30 or so graduate
  14. It wasnt for us, but that was a year ago. A lot of people showed up with it incomplete ... nothing happend. Id still try to get it done tho. I wouldnt worry too much on who you get to complete one (how much they know/have worked with you)... our tacs didnt pay too much attention to the results ... even made comments about how everyone has high marks since we wouldnt pick someone who hated us to do an assessment. Edit: Some people wrote ridiculous comments on mine like "needs to give more hugs" ... no one cared. I would say that it may not look good if people write that your immature or anything that may be a red flag
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