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  1. At the school I am at there was a fully deaf pilot that got his license from here. There are a couple newspaper articles on the wall about it. I didn't know him but its very interesting how he was taught (my current instructor taught him). He had to use a code of hand signals meaning certain things as of course he couldn't look at you to see sign language and couldn't use his hands while flying. I understand he is still flying though he has restrictions such as no controlled airspace requiring radio use. I wish I could find that article online. I'll search for it again.
  2. I have a question about the tail rotor on a Blackhawk. Why is it tilted the way it is? I have wondered this for a while and I got a look at the Delaware ANG's machine today. I saw it during my lesson today at EVY (Summit, DE). I also thought the tail rotor was on the left side but this one was on the right. I need to go and check photos to see if I am wrong about that one though.
  3. I can't imagine doing it all by myself. For me definitely the classroom. Its also been super helpful to be able to talk with other students and learn from their experiences.
  4. I think its a hoot to see John talking away in his 40's and then in the next frame he has aged 10 years. Martha does the same but she always keeps the same earrings, necklace, and shirt. Just switches age.
  5. I don't have much experience with ASA and none with Aviator Academy. The ground school I attend uses the King DVDs. They are very good though they go too fast if not paired with classroom instruction. Just keep that in mind as you watch them that you may have to double back over topics a few times to get it.
  6. Can we have it as a preference or is it "all or nothing"?
  7. I have been looking for a setting to do just this. I prefer it this way if I can get it to work. I'm guessing the PTB made the change?
  8. I have been using www.mywrittenexam.com and it seems pretty good to me.
  9. If that was the only thing I had to do I'd live with it. Right now its kind of funny what I found I should drink more of. Milk. Its supposed to help flush out the problem stuff but its totally counterintuitive.
  10. Oh yeah. I'm going through this right now. I had one about a month before going for my medical not knowing it would be an issue. I'm still jumping through hoops trying to either get the ones that are left out or get one of my myriad doctors and specialists to write me the "unlikely to move" letter. And I forsee that I will have to (or should anyway) get an x-ray and/or checkup routinely to keep the next one from grounding me. This means my PPL will probably take me a while longer as I can't solo until I get the clean medical. And in seeing the bills that insurance has paid, yes, its very expensive for all the tests and doctors.
  11. When I first started trying to hover I was making wild cyclic changes, I was only chasing the helicopter. I noticed I couldn't keep a steady collective setting that was as it pulled power from the rotor and I was bouncing up and down all around. The smaller the cyclic input, the less collective is needed. My hovering last week in a 20 knot wind meant all bets were off. I was hovering in translational about half the time.
  12. For me, it was one day when I relized I was doing it and his hands were no where near the controls. Enough practice and it just clicks. Doesn't mean I am good at it yet.......
  13. I understood that that was a past problem with MD and that they have remedied it. I have no proof of this besides what I have heard.
  14. I'll second the mywrittenexam.com site. I like how it mixes up the questions and allows you to save it and come back. I try to do a couple questions every day and it keeps me sharp on things like the weights and balance calculations that I tend to forget after 2 weeks of other stuff. I did notice on their site somewhere it says "free for now". I assume they mean they will start charging for it in the future.
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