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  1. Current dATM requires all AH-64 Aircrew to be designated dual seat. You will be progressed in both seats but will initially spend a majority of your hours in the front seat to learn the systems and how to manage them. This has more to do with understanding how employ the aircraft weapons system than strictly flying proficiency. The amount you will actually be on the flight controls in the front seat is dependent on the mission and the PIC. I let my front seater fly as much as the mission and situation allows.
  2. Which leads to the question, why is your IP asking you to know -20 level knowledge. Unless you are fixing the NVGs themselves, the level of knowledge required is in the -10. Does -20 level knowledge help you fly any better with goggles?
  3. Shindig, my 9yr old kid writes considerably better than you.
  4. Shindig, nobody cares about your mood. What's your name and and why did you post a fake picture?
  5. You aren't clear in your writing. You write worse than an 8 year old with a brain injury.
  6. Copying Lindsay. We ask again, Shindig: Are you still insistent that the picture was recent? Are you saying your computer doesn't play youtube videos? Are you saying that despite not being able to see the video, the fact that everyone else *can* see it, it was posted 3 years ago, and contains the picture that you say was taken just a few weeks ago, that we're wrong?
  7. Bahahahahahahaaha. Boredom is more common in the military than civilian. We have a term called "Hurry Up and Wait!". If you don't want free time, punch everybody you see, guarantee you won't be bored nor have any free time.
  8. Did you read the preceding 49 pages? It sounds like you haven't.
  9. You can still study AR 95-1 requirements of weight and balance. They apply to all army airframes. Hell, if you study all of AR 95-1 you'll be better for it.
  10. We don't care. Go figure this stuff out on your own and stop bugging us. The process is meant to be a pain to weed out people like you who can't do things for themselves or be self motivated. RTFM applies in this profession. There is more than enough information for you to answer your own questions.
  11. Wait until you sit on the APU for 4hrs to fly 1.5 for gunnery. Each airframe has its exciting moments and some incredibly boring ones. Each airframe has a vital mission to do in order to support the Ground Force Commander. Don't forget that.
  12. Your ignorance and bad attitude was yours to display. A simple "Does the Army really fly all the planes listed in the wiki?" would have shown humility and true willingness to learn.
  13. Flying a kite would be more beneficial than a video game for the SIFT and learning to fly.
  14. 20/200 before LASIK in 2005. 20/20 now, selected in 2013, no waiver needed.
  15. Very unfriendly weather that night. KVPS 110255Z 09003KT 3SM BR OVC002 20/19 A3010 RMK AO2A SLP201 T01960193 51010 $ KVPS 110155Z 09003KT 1/2SM R19/3500FT FG VV002 20/19 A3010 RMK AO2A SLP201 T01950192 $ KVPS 110123Z 09003KT 1/4SM R19/2600FT FG VV002 19/19 A3010 RMK AO2A $ KVPS 110110Z 09003KT 1/2SM R19/3000FT FG VV002 19/19 A3010 RMK AO2A $ KVPS 110055Z 09003KT 3/4SM R19/4500FT BR VV002 19/19 A3010 RMK AO2A SLP196 T01930188
  16. Lots of construction now and getting bigger. The ville is probably much better looking now than when you were there.
  17. So that explains why I don't hear them talking on air to air.....
  18. I use an online log book at https://www.armyflightlogbook.com/
  19. Yes, apaches fly with goggles. It's part of our required tasks. The ATM is the applicable reg along with the ATP.
  20. Depends, unaccompanied soldiers are not guaranteed off base housing and the on base barracks do not allow pets. Accompanied can have pets but they are not reimbursed for the expense of transporting the pet.
  21. Agreed, I'm in Korea and our flight hours are plentiful. So much so that we can't fly them all. Main constraint here is the weather/haze.
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