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  1. For a retirement fund I don't care about the 12 month or really even the three year, as that is looking at the gains since the bottom fell out. Most funds looking at such a short period of time especially last three years look great right now. The gains recently are in my opinion, skewed. For long term I would think the ten year is a better way to judge a retirement investment. As you are gonna be invested for 30+ years. Maybe I need to read more. I would think 8-10 percent on long term investment should be achievable.
  2. Maybe I was getting bad info but none seem better than 5%. They did not have them listed on morningstar, so I just did a Google search. On a positive the fees are very low!
  3. Sorry to hear that from both of you. Why are they getting pushed. This doesn't make me confident in leaving my job!
  4. What is the rate of growth on the TSP. If I was reading right it is only around 5%.
  5. Figured. I was just being a smart ass. Was also kind of disappointed but maybe it works in my favor.
  6. I am starting bct a day later than everyone else. I just assumed they figured everyone else needs a head starts =)
  7. That would be nice. I think it will be really nice to have a group of guys who are really focused and busted their asses to get there.
  8. I went to join since getting ship date and saw my family going crazy on my fb. Kind of embarrassing so might give it a couple days. lol
  9. I agree he backpacks with me jogs with me, but my fear is i will get stuck training. I do not know what to expect and if i will be gone for days and not be able to care for him.
  10. Big question for rucker. Was gonna see what you guys thought. I will be going to rucker alone but want to take my dog. Since I will be living there alone do you think I should leave dog with family while in flight school.
  11. Curious, I originally went to meps before I got my flight physical. When I go back to meps to sign and all that will I have to do a meps physical, or how long is that good for? Or am I basically just going to sign papers
  12. Yes this is gonna be awesome. Really looking forward to meeting you all. Hopefully we can stick together.... And I can get get a date as soon as July!!!! I always liked the heat
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