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  1. Per the MILPER: 55 QS 108 FQ-NS 53 NC-NS 34.16 Selection rate.
  2. It means that you mets the qualifications but due to the competitiveness of the board, you weren't selected. Basically, there is 54 school slots, and 120 amount of board packets. Top 54 go.
  3. The fact that this guy has posted just one post (this one) and how he says "the American CIA" leads me to believe that this guy is.... for lack of better words, full of it.
  4. 54 FQ-S 35 FQ-NS 31 NQ-NS 45% Selection rate this board.
  5. I can tell you that no one on this forum is going to say anything that could jeopardize opsec or anything else in relation to it.
  6. Just received word that my waiver for my tattoo hasn't been processed yet. I'll be boarded for the November board.
  7. Haven't emailed yet. Will here in a couple hrs.
  8. Thing is, its not larger than my hand. I can cover it per the instructions in AR 670-1. But ya, Army.
  9. It starts 1 inch below my elbow, and ends 1 inch above my wrist bone. Here's a pic of it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/y56tedz9wm7lqzm/Tattoo.jpg
  10. I have a single tattoo on my left arm that is the skyline of seattle. apparently, they (HRC) thinks its a sleeve tattoo…. yeah...
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