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  1. So he finally sold it, good on him. I know Marsh is getting another Explorer so at least BJ will have something to fly. I will be in your neck of the woods next week so might have to come down and have a look at it. Congrats again on the purchase. MD500 series are best helos made. Ned
  2. Nice looking E model, you should take it around to Marsh and big John and see if you can swap it for their 530F and then you will know about fuel useage
  3. Just a reminder for everyone who is out there shooting photos with your camera that on the forum we have a great competition for everyone who wants to enter photos for the December Opening Shot. Click on this link and check it out and enter your images. http://www.heliopshelitacforums.com/forums...p?showtopic=635 Cheers, Ned
  4. I think you will probably find that vertrefadmin is now Lynn who owns this forum now. Ned
  5. Have uploaded another batch of over 200 photos from the last couple of visits to Afghanistan. They include both action shots as well as images showing the scenery and people of the country. Please stop in and check them out and also pass on the url to those who might be interested in seeing them. URL is http://www.heliopshelitacforums.com/forums...hp?showforum=25 Cheers Ned
  6. Excellent GFT - Now that puts the CHRIST back in Christmas :P
  7. Helonorth - Whatever. Mechanic - I posted it as it was sent to me. Unfortunately as a Jpeg it cant be edited.
  8. Get a life guys - It was a Joke. Friend sent it from Italy, thats all, nothing more, nothing less. If this is what your life has come to, complaining about the words on a card made up in jest by someone in Italy, then you live a sad miserable life. <_<
  9. I got sent this card from an operator in Italy, got me laughing so thought I would post it here. Ned
  10. For anyone who is interested I have just upload a couple of hundred pics from around the world including both military and civil pics. Will be adding to the gallery every few days after each photo shoot so keep checking back. http://60pilots.com/photopost/ Cheers Ned
  11. Montu - Its about $20 USD and that includes airmail postage. Cheers Ned
  12. For those that are interested you can now get the following calendars. Heli Ops - http://www.heliopsmag.com/calendars.html HeliTac - http://www.helitacmag.com/calendars.html H2O-Full Throttle http://www.h2ofullthrottle.com/calendars.php
  13. Post away with your questions and will see if I can help. Ned
  14. Heck if they publish Mike Reynos photos they sure as heck will accept mine :rolleyes:
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