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  1. AGE:30 ASVAB AFQT/GT: 87/124 AFAST:151 APFT:280 EDUCATION:47 credit hours FLIGHT:450hr crewchief on uh60(15T) BOARD:N/A LORS:CW5 (2 I.D. SP), CW3 8th army 3 star's pilot(XO for detachment) (co. and batt. cmdr.) OTHER INFO:Held E5 position as E3 (20 level) for my first duty position E4 awaiting WLC(Mar) and Promotion board(Feb) SELECTED:January 2013
  2. Lurking for about a month. AD and QS on this board. Currently a crewchief on uh60. No degree but rest of my packet was solid. I only had 47 credit hours.
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