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  1. Lol. Well, I physically couldn't walk without limping - and I'm a doctor of physical therapy...so I knew. Pretty ironic.
  2. I just found this thread. My story is a complicated one, and one I've posted about on here before, but it goes a little something like this... I was supposed to ship 7/15/13. It was discovered that I had a tibial stress fracture. They were trying to RENO my contract on 7/15 so that I'd be guaranteed a new ship date, however, the MSgt was having issues getting through to USAREC so he sent me home and said they'd follow up the next day with my date. I got a call from my recruiter the next day saying that they had canceled my contract - MEPS discovered that my basic physical was out of date
  3. Not sure where all of you are in the process, but just a heads up - I was selected last year in March. I was supposed to ship 7/15 with a bunch of folks from here - I ended up getting injured - stress fracture. MEPS let my physical expire without my knowing - long story short, rather than RENO, they canceled my contract. I had to reapply, and just found out that my age waiver was denied this year, after being approved last year. I've got a Doctorate - actually, all of my stats are posted in the forums somewhere - you can check them out. Just wanted to let y'all know, that the draw down ha
  4. Where do we find out specific info? My mom asked me on Monday and I had no clue.
  5. Congrats. Do you have your bct date yet? There's another vr thread for us headed to ft sill in June and a Facebook group too.
  6. From what I've read....we dont get pcs until after wocs? Correct me if I'm wrong!
  7. From what I've read...its a bad idea...also you can't be single and have a pet on post.
  8. Yea. I've read that att and sprint are both terrible down there.
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