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  1. Were you picked up on the May board? If so and you'll be around Rucker this winter we will have to get some work done! If I could get my swim times consistent I'd be golden. I'm squared away on my bike and run.
  2. 60s. Race mostly cycling and triathlon events. Did an ultra run back in March....never again. And for TyDaddy's sake....yes, I do Crossfit as well.
  3. I think if we had a decent sized group regularly it would be alright. I know plenty of people who love road biking down there
  4. Nice! I turned my 4700 rigid fork into a commuter bike.
  5. Ill have to do the same! Race Cat 2 XC on the mountain and am a cat 3 on the road. Hope to find some great rides down there
  6. If we are coming in from the Civilian side of things are we to purchase our ASUs or are they issued to us? I know that we are able to keep our ACUs and boots issued at basic but the rest of what we are to buy is a bit unclear.
  7. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/DrlmLvPFdg8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Some Friday inspiration.
  8. JMarsh.. I'm no physical therapist but you could have pinched a nerve. Tydaddy has his Doctorate in Physical Therapy and may be able to offer some more insight. I'd shoot him a message and describe to him your problem. Wish I could help you! Don't keep pushing it if you feel it is an injury.
  9. Age: 20 ASVAB: 124 GT SIFT: 52 APFT: 300 College: 70 Hrs Flight Time: 35hrs Fixed-Wing LoRs: CW5, President of University, LTC Ret. (Aviator), Boss Prior Service: None Other: Civil Air Patrol--includes SAR experience/first-responder, etc. (5 yrs), Ironman Athlete/Cyclist, Participant in other community service-based events. Selected: May 2013
  10. Male intuition is telling me you aren't incorporating strength properly there, Linds.
  11. To all applicants: My recruiter texted me this morning and said battalion has not heard anything as of 9:15 AM, Central. This has been a public service announcement by IAS, thank you for listening.
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