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  1. Not to dampen your enthusiasm, but I couldnt help but add a comment when you mentioned learning to hover with some continuous movement. Id recommend while youre still early stages trying to minimize continuous movement hovering in the R22. The reason I say that is the R22 has no hydraulics and can teach the bad habit of stirring the pot while hovering. You can get away with wiggling the cyclic around continuously and keeping the R22 nice and still, but when you move to the R44 or other hydraulic ship that wiggling will translate into movement. I had to break myself out of the habit when I switched airframes. Just my two cents. Welcome, btw. There is nothing like flying a Heli! Best wishes on your training!

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  2. Forgive me if I'm being incredibly dense, but how is this a permissible flight under part 91 if the person requesting the flight paid for the rental (rather than the pilot)?


    It's not an instructional flight, photo flight, or survey flight or any of the other exceptions for being compensated for flights.


    Yes, it could fall under a scenic tour under 25 mi, however the guidelines have changed (91.147) and now a LOA and drug program are required for those flights:




    If one was to fly down and rent an aircraft they would not be on the drug program.

  3. I understand pro-rata share applies to Private pilot.


    What I'm getting at is that the flight would fall under private privileges unless it's under the approved guidelines for passenger commercial flights.

    An application under 91.147 commercial air tours would not be possible in this circumstance.


    I don't see a commercial application possible in this situation (where a pilot comes in and rents an aircraft- see original post).

  4. Ok here's another legal question for all the erudite helicopter geeks :P


    Let's say you're a rated commercial pilot and that a friend wants you to take him up in a chopper so he can propose to his girlfriend.


    Obviously, he can't pay for the rental of the ship. That's more than his pro-rata share.


    In fact, he can't even pay for his pro-rata share and his girlfriend's pro-rata share because there is no common goal for the flight.


    The flight can't be accomplished commercially because it's not an instructional, photo flight, etc.


    It's not a 91.147 flight because you aren't an employee of the company and aren't on the drug testing program, etc


    So lets say that you decide, to buy the checkout flight and rental for your friends, but you don't live close by.



    Can your friend buy you a roundtrip airplane ticket? Or could that be construed as compensation or favor??


    The joys of legal questions...



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  5. Ok so this may seem obvious, but I have a regs question.


    The SFAR 73 is pretty clear on what needs to be covered in the Flight review to act as PIC in a Robbie to satisfy 61.56.


    What if a rated helicopter pilot, let's just say who has all his time in a 500c, wants to accomplish a flight review in an R22.


    Obviously he must have the awareness training before he manipulates the controls.


    The SFAR 73 also specifies that he must have 10 hr of dual before acting as PIC in an R22.


    However, for the purposes of 61.56, could he do the review in the R22 after awareness training and not just log PIC time?


    Forgive me if this is a dumb question.



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  6. This may be a silly question, but worth asking...


    Does anyone have anything remotely close to a flight training syllabus for an Alouette II?

    Even an Alouette III or Llama would be appreciated that I could adapt for an Alouette II.

    I'm even open to other turbine makes/models that I can change.


    I'm trying to meet an insurance requirement that requires me to come up with an Alouette specific training syllabus.


    I have the POH that I can get info from to try to make my own, but I'd love to save time.


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  7. Personally, if I was you and was training at a flight school, I'd save up and get a rating at a time or all your ratings at once instead of doing a couple of flights at a time...I've tried both, and you'll save more money in the long run doing that way.



    "As stated you can invert the colors, which is nice. Also, there is a button right on the Map page of ForeFlight that takes you to a slider bar in which you can adjust the brightnes right from the app. So there is no need to leave the app and go to Ipad Settings menu."


    Actually the settings dimmer and the dimmer within foreflight work together. If you dim in settings all the way, you can further dim in the app...

  9. Hmmm...that's a good question! I just know that when I was instructing, I always felt on edge, and yet at the same time it went best when I was "somewhat relaxed" lol! The same went for flying. The more relaxed you are, the smoother you fly. I don't mean to not pay attention or to kick back and "relax" as it were, but rather just don't fly too worked up. If that makes any sense.

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  10. @pokey. Thanks for the advice! I agree that the interpretation can be a little fuzzy! I'm also aware that I can do work I haven't performed before under supervision, and that I can perform major repairs and alterations, but just can't approve and return to service.

    I also asked one of my instructors, and was under the impression that work performed satisfactorily in school before I was certificated counted toward the requirements of 65.81.

  11. @ iChris: thanks for those references. I actually am familiar with them, except for the letter from the Office of the Chief Counsel of Interpretation regarding 100hr and Annuals. It was very informative and interesting. Thanks!

    @Apia guy:

    I guess I gave a terrible paraphrase, but the reference I was referring too was 65. 81. General privileges and limitations. "A certificated mechanic...May not supervise the maintenance, preventative maintenance, or alteration of, or approve and return to service, any aircraft or appliance, or part thereof, for which he is rated unless he has satisfactorily perform the work concerned at an earlier date."

    I guess I should ask instead:

    After going through A&P school and the Robinson course, would it be safe to say that I should have done enough work to meet the requirements of 65. 81(a) and perform the OH?

    Obviously that would also be somewhat subjective as well, since all A&P courses are different!

    Also, in regards to splitting the case being a major repair, I was referring to 43. Appendix A(B)(2)(ii) which says:

    "Separation or disassembly of a crankcase or crankshaft of a reciprocating engine equipped with other than spur type-propeller reduction gearing." is a major repair.

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