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  1. Hello everyone! I have a newb question in the realm of mechanics... I'm in a&p school now. I just got my A and should have my p by the end of August. I've also signed up for the Robinson factory maintenance course in September. I would like some light on the 2200/4400 overhauls and 12 year inspections. I know as a new a&p I can't perform major repairs or alterations. I also know that I can't do anything that I haven't done at least once before. My questions are as follows: Does a 12 year inspection require your IA? Also, Does the 2200 OH also need IA privileges? Looking at 14 cfr 43 ap
  2. I would second the fact that anytime a pilot and passenger walks away from an R22 engine failure over a city, it's a good day. Could she have done better? Yeah, probably. Would we have done better if in her shoes? Depends on the pilot. Would I still be thankful to have walked away from such an accident as she did? Yes!
  3. From a newer instructor myself...Pray, stay relaxed, prepare well, and never let down your guard!
  4. I don't have any personal experience with them, but nearly everything I've heard about them is negative. My friend/flight instructor and previous employer recommended I never fly one... From what I hear they are driven by belts (and a super long one at that). I guess I'm pretty biased though, and haven't flown them myself. These days, I'd probably fly just about anything I thought was reasonably safe though
  5. Ignoring what you should do, and going strictly from the learning to fly aspect, I'm with Goldy. I started flying in 2001/2008 and didn't get my private until 2011. I then added in my instrument, commercial, Cfi, CFII, asel, and asel ir in about a year. Based on my personal experience, I would recommend to anyone to save first, then knock it all out at once rather than drag it out. It's like taking two steps forward and one backwards. I would say try to fly at least three or four times a week if possible. Even though it'll take all the money at once, it'll save you money in the long run... Th
  6. Like everyone else said, slow down! When you get more experience, you can take more training, but for now only fly as much as you can still absorb
  7. I use the iPad 2. Right now I don't have a "mount," but when I was training the school had a suction cup Ram brand mount... It worked really well and you could transfer between the r22 and other helicopters or even airplanes really easily. I never had it fall off either. The iPad mini looks like a good option too, I just don't want to spend the extra money since I already have the 2...
  8. Totally agree there! A very good prebuy is invaluable... I'm learning a lot from all the input and research, so thanks guys!
  9. @ Whistlerpilot: Yeah, those are good points. Pretty much the cons of buying are as follows: Greater financial risk because of having to put all the money up front, whereas a lease could be short term if things didn't work out... Also an older ship would potentially have more maintenance issues. Advantages are having your own helicopter , potentially saving money, and also having the option of selling it afterwards for close to the same price if I didn't put too many hours on it. I agree the lease would be awesome if maintenance was included! Unfortunately those types of leases are harder t
  10. Thanks for the input, guys! @rotortramp I certainly see your point of view! I have been incredibly blessed by God to have my CFII without debt...As far as financial situation...no, I probably couldn't afford to replace the r22 if it was in a major accident. Recently our family lost everything due to a forest fire. As a(n) unfortunate (or fortunate, however you decide to look at it) result, and to make a long story short, we might be able to afford to buy an r22 that we never could have before... A @ whistlerpilot: Thanks for the input as well! It is great to get input from someone who has bee
  11. Oh and one more question... What is a high ttaf core with a history like this one worth when it's timed out? 40k? 70k? Thanks!
  12. I took my foi early last year (after the change). If I remember correctly I got around 95 plus or minus( I took so many tests in a row I don't remember lol), but definitely over 90. I used the ASA for all my tests up to CFII. The FOI was the most changed, and though the questions were different from the test prep, the information was the same. So basically, as everyone says, know the information, don't just memorize questions. If you do that and read the questions carefully, you should do fine! Don't forget to do practice tests as well.
  13. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum but have appreciated reading other's posts for a little while now. I have some questions that I'd appreciate advice on from all of you with a wealth of experience :-) To make a long story short, I'm a new Cfi with the ultimate goal of wanting to serve in volunteer Christian overseas helicopter missions. In the meantime, I also see value in gaining as much time and experience until doors open up for me to get overseas. I've tossed around the idea of leasing an r22, and from as near as I can guess, it'll cost over 100k to get around 1000 hr not even includin
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