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  1. Gotta keep it light hearted. I mean, seriously, who likes to be super cereal all the damn time?
  2. I'd like to fly the 64, along with everyone and their mother, but I'd also slot for the 60 given the chance. My buddy is a Warrant pilot in Hawai'i and says that the 60M practically flies itself.
  3. I see what you did there, and I'm chuckling along with you now.
  4. Awwweeee man.....you went there....you really went there....lol I loved that movie as a kid, but hated watching it with my Dad (Retired CW5 Apache driver) because he would point out every single flaw, every damn time.
  5. Got labs tomorrow for my Flight Physical, then an apt with the Flight Surgeon here at Camp Pendleton next Monday. Things are beginning to fall into place rather rapidly now.
  6. I'd love to slot Apaches, kinda carry the family torch so to speak. My dad is (was) a retired CW5 Apache driver. Started on Cobras in the early 80's then transitioned to the 64A when they came around.
  7. Not really sure who this was directed at (not trying to sound hostile here by any means), but if it was fo me, I'm going Active to Active, so no BN level interview is required for me. My package will just go straight to USAREC.
  8. I haven't seen anything regarding me having to do a BN board, even after talking with the local recruiter, since I'm still active duty.
  9. I know it may be still be a few months out, but might as well spool up a thread for those of us that might have missed a deadline for one reason or another and had to push back our packages a bit; or for those that are still prepping theirs. Figured I'd go ahead and crank it out and put my info out there and see what happens. Age: 30 (31 by board convene date) GT: 116 SIFT: 57 APFT: Taking next week (will update accordingly) Education: USMC SNCO Distance Education Program, Electronics Maintenance Technician Course Waiver: Moral for a NJP over 10 years ago, AFS with extenuating circumstances LOR: Co. Commander, BN Commander, CW4 Dustoff pilot, Col Attack Helicopter BN CMDR, CW5 former board member Board: Didn't have one, as I am a sister service applicant. Other info: Currently a SSgt with just under 12 years Active Duty in the Marine Corps. AFS Waiver due to the brakes being applied quite heavily twice in the past two years. Once for my medical complications with my daughter resulting in enrolling in the Exceptional Family Member Program, and then low and behold my uncorrected near vision was just outside the parameters. After waiting and waiting for Navy Medical to get around to scheduling my PRK, I said screw it and paid for it out of pocket (best money I ever spent BTW). I originally started my package just a little before Creep0321 started his, but alas, family and career stuff can put the brakes on the process as I'm sure many of you know. I decided that I wasn't going to let the setbacks deter me, I'd be remiss if I always wanted to submit a package but never did. Won't know unless you try, right?
  10. Not entirely, it is entirely possible that MEPS would be able to do them, I'd call and ask to be sure though.
  11. Just hope I can help someone out with this info. That, and I hope I remembered it all correctly. Haha
  12. In actually on Camp Foster. SIFT - Simple Shapes - 5 images, pick the one that's different. IIRC, there are 100 of them in 2 minutes. Easy. Hidden Figures - Similar to the AFOQT. Shapes will be the same size and orientation as in the key, but you gotta find it. PITA. Army Aviation Knowledge - Has questions regarding flight controls, flight dynamics, airframes used, etc. Not overly hard, some questions you wouldn't think of though. Math - Algebra and word problems mainly. They provide formulas on the side, but don't think because they are they they are the ones you need. Reading Comprehension - Read the passage, answer the question based off of information ONLY in the passage. Leave your brain alone on this one. Just use the passage for the answer. Seriously. Mechanical - Lots of drawings and figures. Pretty straight forward stuff. Not difficult. Overall, not too hard of a test, but it will tax you at times if you are not 100% prepared. I'll be perfectly honest, I didn't study at all the day prior (test anxiety, had to do something else to keep my mind off it) and passed it on the first try. I scored a 57 on the SIFT, with 40 being the minimum passing and 80 being the max possible. Hope this better informs some of you, and best of luck to those about to take it.
  13. Took the SIFT on Monday, first one to take it in Okinawa, passed it too! Now if dental would stop finding things with my teeth and sign off on my paperwork I could get on with the rest of it....
  14. OK, with that being said, what are the current regs on PRK/LASIK? I looked up the AR 40-501, and found the section on vision for flying duty and it mentioned nothing about corrective surgery that I could find. The version of the AR was from 1997 though, so I know it is a bit outdated. I'll look into this as a back up, if my flight physical turns into a crap shoot.
  15. It can be at first, but once you get acclimitized, it just sucks. Hot is hot.
  16. And award for understatement of the year goes too......GRIND! Congratulations!
  17. Gotcha. And no sir, at least not yet, I'm still just a lowly SSgt. haha
  18. Tone - are you still active and applying for the WOFT? I might have some questions for you Devil...
  19. As long as I'm not the only one in Oki getting weird looks! Hahaha
  20. Will do, thanks. It's a little harder for a Marine to find info sometimes, damn way we number things.
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