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  1. I used to land at a hospital that complained about exhaust fumes in the building whenever we went there. We had to park tail away from the building but if the wind was right, it didn't matter. They complained they could smell it in the whole hospital. The ground pad at U of Louisville has signs telling you to do the same.
  2. I'm also from Minnesota I'm also from Minnesota so of course I like a beer, too!
  3. You can have densely populated, quiet areas. They're called a residential neighborhoods.I live in such a place. She is probably right that the only approach is over the lake. Either that or over the houses. I probably wouldn't have come on here, either. I would get together with the rest of the neighbors and get a lawyer. The closer you are to this guy, the more you property value will suffer. Would you buy next door to this? Most people would not.
  4. That would be incorrect. Time and time again, helicopter operations have been restricted in residential areas.
  5. So the moral of the story, Jennie, is don't be mean to the helicopters or they might get mad and not come and fight the fires. If that happens, not only will your house burn but it sounds like you will miss out on a big party, too!
  6. Yes, she probably did come to the wrong place, but I'm a helicopter pilot and I feel helicopters, in congested areas, belong at airports, not in backyards. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should do it. Helicopters are REALLY LOUD. Too loud. You live on a lake because you enjoy a nice view and (hopefully) peace and quiet. Why should one person's desire for convenience by operating a helicopter in a residential area trump everybody else's right to some peace and quiet? Even occasionally, to me, is too often. Land the helicopter at the airport and take the luxury SUV back and forth to the lake place, just like the rest of the peasants. Land it once a year on the 4th and give some rides and get it the hell back to the airport. I must admit I hate all unnecessarily loud things: airboats, Harleys (I didn't say motorcycles because Harley owners seem to be the only ones that strive for deafness for themselves and everyone around them) personal watercraft, large caliber guns, ATVs, and all the other noisy crap many red-blooded Americans hold near and dear. I would fight it. You will probably win. Local governments don't generally side with the rich guy that wants a helicopter in his yard because NOBODY wants to live near a guy with a helicopter in his yard. There is a reason helicopters are very rarely operated out of residential areas: it pisses everybody off. Eventually the neighbors put a stop to it, one way or another. Most private helicopter operators have enough common sense and courtesy to not subject their neighbors to it. I fly neighborly as much as possible. Operating in residential areas is not flying neighborly. And sorry for getting my nouns and adjectives confused but c'mon, did anybody think I was serious or did Miss Jennie need to be told a 92 (with it's MTOW OF 27,000 seven hundred pounds) probably wouldn't be landing next door?
  7. noun a short amusing or interesting story about a real incident or person. But hey, you're probably right. You did a good of mansplaining, too.
  8. I don't think anecdotal means what you think it means. I have to confess, it never happened.
  9. Yeah, I remember the one time I flew a 92 over to my buddy Leroy's house. It blew down a couple trees and most all the shingles off the neighbors roof, as clearance was minimal. They never said a thing but he commies on the town council banned me and the chopper, which I guess was probably fair.
  10. I have no idea but I'm just wondering why anyone would want (or need) to know this?
  11. Fly them both and see what works best. That's the only way you'll know.
  12. I can't think of anything about my job that's more fun than the airline travel and simulator training. It's why I got into it, even.
  13. Call Arrow Aviation in Broussard, LA. They usually have a few of them and could give you all kinds of options. I'm guessing $12-14K a month plus an hourly cost but that's a guess.
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