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  1. I flew about 500 as an instructor and 200-250 in EMS. Don't know about the police.
  2. I guess it would depend on how much money is in the maintenance fund, what the overhaul will cost and what it will be worth after the overhaul. If you are just looking to build some time, this is probably not the deal for you.
  3. I don't know about pay with those companies but it is generally lower. Instrument and night time seem to be pretty much non-negotiable, probably because of IMC accidents. The bases closer to a city but have large populations will often fly the most. I don't know of any EMS jobs that you need to have an in. Almost all are advertised. If you know somebody there it can be helpful. If it is in a desirable location, it will probably go to someone internally. You may have to put in time at someplace you'd rather not be to build seniority.
  4. If your main motivation is R-44 time, I would say don't get involved. I never trained or instructed in Robinsons but it seems like the consensus is don't waste you money on 44 time as it won't do much for you relative to the cost.
  5. Since when do you have to trim out cyclic forces in any helicopter with hydraulically boosted controls?
  6. So go to the bathroom when you fly by an airport instead of making yourself so uncomfortable you think you can justify trespassing. How, in 7,000 hours, have I managed to not land on private property just because I had to take a leak.
  7. No doubt it will happen to somebody else, though. It's trespassing and the FSDO should have a talk with the guy.
  8. No, not legal. You cannot land on private property without prior permission. Check the N number on the side of the aircraft again. https://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/
  9. Your NG and EMS pilot instructor has no idea how to prepare for an ATP ride? That's weird.
  10. Ebay is probably your best bet. What size and is set up for NVG's?
  11. Many companies do ask. On the application, they will ask if your medical has ever been denied, revoked, suspended, etc. for any reason. I've seen it a lot. People seem to think HIPAA laws prohibit employers (or anybody else) from asking you for medical information. They don't.
  12. As Buzzkill said, tours is probably the quickest way to build the time. Although Papillon will get the job done, I have never heard one good thing about the place. Maverick has a good reputation and pays well. Hawaiian tours are also an option. Most EMS operations are single pilot and employers look for that. When the time comes to start applying for EMS jobs, I urge you to find an IFR operator. Makes the job much easier and safer, IMO. Definitely easier. Good luck.
  13. Yeah, yeah. Definitely. Three tranches, minimum.
  14. Plenty of people make money in aviation. It sounds like you have what could be considered a half way reliable customer base and already have the certificates. Have you asked to look at the books? I wouldn't do much until then. One thing I have noticed, just about every small operator I know is an A&P mechanic as well as a pilot. Being able to keep the aircraft available and safe is key. Good luck.
  15. Ten minute google search. https://www.helikopterfliegen.de/forum/index.php?showtopic=834
  16. Going into a Blackhawk as an SIC is a terrible plan if EMS is the goal. Network, sure but that's any job. Listen to Buzzkill. He's actually DONE this. He was smart though, he went to the airlines. I would strongly encourage you to consider that.
  17. I would look at Grand Canyon tour operators. Lots of pilots with your hours have built a lot of time quickly doing this.
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