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  1. There’s also “hush kits” available from Oregon Aero that replace the issued ear cups, also, denser noise reduction foam that goes into the ear cups. Apache helmets are a little different so I’m not 100% sure on what the kits are for the standard Army aviation helmet. Check with your unit whether it’s approved but it works pretty well. There are a few of us that moved from CEPs to just our hush kits.
  2. A few of us use one from Red Rock. You can look at it on Amazon under the search string “Red Rock Duffle Bag.” It is the one with three internal sections that can be worn like a backpack. It fits my alternate visor, helmet, and ALSE vest. There’s another company that makes the same exact bag but is two or three times the cost. my first one lasted about five years and two aviation deployments to AFG. Finally ordered a replacement when some of the plastic buckles broke. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0085P716I/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_HlHUFbVJETZW8?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  3. I spoke to some friends in 1-17, most of the junior guys are getting the 47 transition and the high-time guys are either getting FAC3 jobs to ride out their careers or getting the 64 transition. That would be interesting, how it plays out.
  4. I forget sometimes how long it takes to get through Rucker sometimes. At least a bunch of you all are selecting now... but you still have all of advanced airframe to go through. I was thinking the last time I was pretty active in the forums, some of those selecting now were still asking about how to their packet/stats look. Time flies. Kinda. As far as the RIP is concerned, there's still work for guns but the days of a valley full of "free chicken" is long gone. I think the average number of engagements for our pilots have been less than a hand full. At least each pilot had at least one e
  5. Yeah, that's what's going on in theater (AFG) right now. I don't think I remember flying a true escort job (from take off to destination) in the past eight months. We work with lift often but mostly with the 47s on certain types of jobs but not much with the hawks. They (lift) do their thing all the time without gun support.
  6. There's still whispers among the guys PCSing after this deployment that 64s in Hawaii may still be on. Although one of our guys who got verbally slated for Hawaii was re-routed to somewhere else. Another W-4 said that he just got an e-mail from the branch manager that it's still on. So, take all that with a grain of salt.
  7. I went through Rucker during the exact same time frame a few years ago. You'll probably be in the Orange class. I don't remember buying more than what was issued and I got issued everything at Rucker since I showed up in civvies. We did PT in the hallway when it got too cold out. SERE was great during the spring and finished mid-May. Small victories, I guess.
  8. Sorry, I left out the part that I'm already flying. I am RL2 and since I have absolutely no knowledge about jump school, I would ask around here to kill time. Actually just pinned CW-2 today after some delay. (We were pretty busy the past month.) I actually received enough input here to figure out that it's not worth the time. Thanks! P.S. I apologize for hijacking the thread.
  9. Had this guy in WOCS who wanted the 47 from the get-go. Great guy. Needless to say, the whole class cheered when he got his pick for the only 47 slot for that selection. He always affectionately called it his "Murder Wagon." I get it now.
  10. I do agree, I am not all that interested in static line jumps, I'd rather pull my own chute. I ask because I am at Bragg and we fly over the DZs a lot. I'm just trying to figure out how I can sneak my way into HALO school and/or do a tour with the Golden Knights years down the line. This is kinda like a long term setup for it if I ever go that route. I looked it up and their minimum requirement is only 100 jumps.
  11. Anyone heard of low time PIs getting airborne school? I have my civilian skydiving license but I don't know how long the army school takes. Like the thread said, killing time. The only anecdotal evidence I've heard was a pilot asking the Bn CDR and the reply was to the effect of "sure, I will sign your approval papers but if you get hurt I'll be filing your separation papers." I know there's other things to do like keeping the fridge stocked but it's a school I am curious about. Thanks either way
  12. Haha 19,200 lb sling load. That's awesome. And here I am doing PPCs for ~17,000 GWT for progression. I know they've tried before but it would be interesting to see an AH-47 with a AC-130ish set up. High orbit, raining down hate and discontent.
  13. We had a Marine from 3rd Recon in our WOCS class, he skipped SERE. Like everyone else said, you will be skipping it.
  14. I wouldn't expect any less. By the way, did any of you know it snows here? It does. I just found out.
  15. We're in JRTC right now and we ran out. Figured someone had some close by and will hook it up because people here are awesome like that.
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