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  1. wait a second, you work 7 days straight and only get one day off? doesn't that constitute insufficient aircrew rest? if anything, doesn't it drive you into the ground after a couple months?
  2. I found an ad for time building in a r22 mariner with the pantoon hook ups. From what I understand, the point of the job is to take pictures of boats.. has anyone ever done this? and is there a big market for it? i'll attach a link, it came from VR.. http://www.r22.us/
  3. BINGO, yea I agree with your idea's about balancing work and play and how that would effect your career. I didn't even think about that, flying to find sweet surf spots, seems like the warmer counter part to the skiers that do the same thing. And yea, my question was hypothetical and I know i will have to work my way up, I've read a lot of negative stuff about the job market and working in the GOM etc. but it beats sitting in an office working for IBM or whatever.. There are a lot of job opening flying nice fixed wing/multi aircraft for sky divers. the pay is decent, work environment is a big party and you get to be home every night but the only draw back is airplanes aren't helicopters!
  4. Haha okay, the big picture here is that your going to have to put in the time and money up front if you want to establish yourself as a helo pilot. This sounds good to me, and just from what i've experienced as a student pilot I can tell it's not all fun and games, as a matter of fact; none of it is! But what I was trying to ask was if any one out there could even come up with a job in a chopper that would be fun and laid back. Think of it as my dream job after I payed my dues. I'm really not concerned with being a rich man (luckily for me). I know that if I stay the fixed wing track that I could find a quaint job doing the aforementioned flying and more or less be a "beach bum", but from my research helo pilot's don't have that option..
  5. hello, I've recently begun working towards my cert's, and I'm sure that this is the career I want to devote my time and money too. There's no doubt that flying EMS or doing contract work over seas or corporate flying in NYC would be an awesome and rewarding job. But my question is; are there uses for a helicopter that are a little more laid back?, for lack of a better term. for example; I'm looking at my CFI, he's a late 20 something yr old dude that lives on the beach and flys choppers for a living. In my opinion that's living the american dream. There are fixed wings guys here too that do sky writing, banners, photography, thrill flights in aerobatic setups, and some even drop skydivers. All in all it looks like they've found they're little niche and although they don't make a lot their quality of life is high and enjoyable. So my question to all the RW guys out there is; where are all the FUN jobs at? I definitely want to fly a helo, but I also want to hang out at the beach like these guys.. catch my drift? thanks
  6. thanks for the reply's. That's pretty much what I excepted. From what I gather, the EMS/Law enforcement jobs require a lot of hours (understandably) and is usually attained later in a pilots career. Considering this, what is a good job that some pilots occupy in the mean time to set them up for this type of work? (generally after GOM work) Or is it reasonable to aspire to be an EMS pilot as a youngster? haha Thanks
  7. Hello, This is my first post here, so I'm trying to make it a good one. We're all familiar with military search and rescue but is there a civilian counterpart to that? In my research I have found civilian helo's that do search and rescue but never in the U.S. Are there jobs out there where you work for a non-military program that does SAR? And are they abundant? Basically, I would love to work my way up to doing a mission like this or EMS someday, any info would be greatly appreciated, and i'll do my own research from there. I will attach a link I found to civi SAR training: http://www.priority1airrescue.com/Press_Releases.html Thanks, Nick pic related: british contract SAR helo
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