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  1. Can you explain this $25k training deal? What do they do and how come you didn't have to pay?
  2. From the posting Mesa Airlines recognizes the skills associated with helicopter flying. Rotary Wing time may be included in Total Time, but the applicant must meet the 100 hour Multi-Engine, Fixed Wing requirement.Thanks for your perspective on the regional industry. I thought it was an interesting ad since i often see people on this forum tell newbies seeking advice that they wish they would have gone fixed wing instead of helicopters.
  3. http://www.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=fe624f296c279bb8&q=Helicopter+Pilot&tk=1anhtpaab1595fe8&from=ja&alid=576aa0c5e4b0f07a43fce80b&utm_source=jobseeker_emails&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=job_alerts Just have to have 100 Multi engine fixed wing time.
  4. I'm a fixed wing pilot currently training for my Commercial rotorcraft. It's gonna sound really lame, but I'm switching because I really like to be able to look down and see whats going on below. You can do that in a Cessna 172 but the further along you get in fixed wing flying, the higher and faster you go. Kinda defeats the purpose of flying in my opinion. When I finished my fixed wing private about 7 years ago, I told my wife, 'That's fun but i bet helicopters would be way better.' She rolled her eyes but I was right.
  5. $400K?? I didn't think that was possible flying helicopters. Is he the only guy in the industry making that much money?
  6. Couple ideas... Door to Door sales. (I'm not through training yet, but I did pay for a bachelors degree for myself and my wife by selling pest control services.) I'm from Colorado and have plenty of contacts in the Denver area. PM me for info. If you get on with a relaxed company you set your own hours. Or drive for Uber.
  7. Hey I just wanted to say thank you! My goal has always been EMS as well. And as I've been taking the steps towards finally making this dream a reality, it's nice to hear a success story thrown in with all the doom and gloom. Do you mind outlining your particular path? (How long in flight time and real time you were at each point in your career, etc...) I know it could be different for me, but it's nice to see how others have done it.
  8. Thanks for the responses. I'm from Colorado and I certainly wouldn't mind moving back! Unfortunately there are no schools convenient to where I live at the moment. So the plan is to continue saving for a another year or so and then relocate.
  9. What flight school would you recommend if you couldn't recommend the one you went to? Nor the one you taught at?
  10. I heard this as well from a local flight school that does both fixed and rotor. I have my private fixed wing and they suggested I go this route. I would end up instrument and commercial dual rated with approx. 200 hours total, 100 helicopter. Would I be employable? Even with CFI/CFII I'm still way under the requirements to teach in a robbie, right? Edit: Sorry to hijack OP... Topic has been on my mind these last few days.
  11. I'm trying to plan my future and figure out how long I'll be building time. I've searched but if there is another thread that answers this question, I'd love to be directed that way. Thanks!
  12. A question for ems pilots out there... How long did it take you (in years, months) from the time you finished your flight training until you got your first ems job? I earned my private certificate in fixed wing aircraft a few years ago just for the fun of it. I thought it would satisfy that desire I've had to soar with the birds since I could first say the word "airplane". I was wrong. I live near a hospital and every time I see the life flight Aw109 fly over I feel that burning desire to be up there daily. I have a very good paying job right now that sometimes makes me want to put my car in drive and never turn around. Turns out that doesn't necessarily make one happy. One the other hand, doing what I love while helping people who are in need, and having a fairly stable family life could do the trick. I don't doubt that I have what it takes. When I earned my private fixed wing, I did so in 43 hours over the course of 2 months. All while finishing my senior year of college. I'm also prepared to make sacrifices for a few years to make this happen. I'm just wondering how long I will have to work away from home flying in the gulf or in Alaska making significantly less than my family has become accustomed to. I plan to earn my ratings while I keep working at my current job and then make the switch full time. Any input or advice would be welcome. Thanks.
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