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  1. Hey guys, just wondering whether languages are a plus in getting hired for tours? I lived in several European countries as a kid so I know my Danish, German and Norwegian and a little bit of Swedish and Dutch. Not sure how many visitors from those countries hit Alaska, but it might help in a typical tourist spot like GC...? Any suggestions?
  2. Hey guys. I know helis are used for inspection of power lines as such, but what about railroad tracks and railroad overhead wires? Just asking out of "strategic interest", as railroad is one of my prior fields of work/experience and I am trying to figure out whether I could throw that in to distinguish myself.
  3. Hi all, sometimes your life just speeds up more than you want to. I have recently decided to give the ATPL-H a go, ready to cash in my savings and a moderate loan. I figure that if all goes well, I could return to Europe fully trained and hopefully with 500h under my belt at 39 years old. And now this: my employer has offered me a pretty attractive part time college program, all expenses paid. My current occupation is not my dream, but its a good job and of course my backup plan. The additional qualifications would make that backup rock solid. Problem: it would delay flight training for about 3 years realistically. PPL flying on the side no problem (fixed wing for financial reasons), but there's no way to do pro training while working and studying that program. So may I ask what you would do? I know age does matter. I wish that 39 and 42 where equally good/bad because both are long past the prime flight training age anyway. On the other hand, if age 40 is a cut-off in the real world I better hurry, right? In short: would employers who dont hire you at 42, hire you at 39? Talking Euroland, mainly Offshore. Not many other options here.
  4. You guys are relieving me! Last thing I need are more doubts and cons. Of course I will still act and better my workout routine - as my marathon runner, ex-para colleague put it: time to do some sissysports maybe? (He is a combat vet & swears by yoga ) Thanks for sharing.
  5. Hi all pilots, I would like to hear experience and advice from you. As posted previously, I am a late 30s career changer. Overall in good shape but of course not 20 any longer. Which is to be taken into consideration - boosting a career in your 40s is not the same as for youngsters. Anyway, recently, my age showed - first time of real back pain. Pain, not ache. I had been hiking for 3 days and the combo of heavy pack and wet chilly weather made my sacrum get really irritated and finally inflammed. Got pills, got better, but the doc said I might be a little sensitive in the lower back and should take good care of it. So it reminded me that I am now in the venerable club of middle agers who have to maintain their bodies instead of purely enjoying it. so do I like my Doc telling me I might have a tendency to irritation in the sacrum, no I dont. It makes me wonder whether fixed wing is a safer choice. So here is the question: how's your back? Did you develop any conditions or did you even start out with one? What's it about those vibrations, how do they affect you? Are we talking Real problems or "just" stiffness and bad posture? And how are the machines different to each other, I imagine Big birds/turbine to be more calm?
  6. I don´t expect it to be piece of cake. But Europe is even worse for low-timers. There is so much less helicopter traffic overall... Btw, I suppose it is illegal to obtain a F1 visa through an approved school and change to a non-F1 school later?
  7. Thanks a lot for sharing. Can´t blame schools for "just" having M1, I would guess it´s a hassle getting F1 approved? Unfortunately, I don´t think I can do without the F1, because that kind of hour building is the real advantage of US training. I can get a license in Europe ok, but the first relevant 1000h are a real problem.
  8. I have recently researched the possibilities of taking my CPL in the US, as a mature flight student. I am from Europe, and I quickly figured that my only way to ever make significant hours is a F1 visa. This limits my choice of schools severely. Leading edge looks like my kind of place, but no F1 visa > no work permit > means I will return home with zero experience. It pretty much boils down to Hillsboro, although I did read about problems there. However, I do feel that as a foreigner, I need a different strategy than Americans or people with unlimited work permit. 1. Anybody know of the situation at Hillsboro today? Some call it a pilot factory - is that for the airline FW program or the rotor section as well? 2. I am an on-the-job instructor in my current job which is also very procedure-based but not aviation. I also speak 2 languages that might be helpful as quite a few people from those countries go to Hillsboro. I also calculate taking my IR and CFI right away. Would this package improve my chances of getting a CFI slot or is it in fact a gamble, and in the end all kinds of people get lucky at HB - or don´t? 3. Any other jobs that my profile might suit well? From your experience, which strategy would you advise to foreigners, both training- and job-wise? What kind of opportunities are worth pursuing, what would be off limits and therefore waste of time? I figure some stuff like logging is too special for an outsider to just get into because you will need to know the right people locally, which is impossible for a foreigner. Any thoughts?
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