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  1. So when all the "moving stuff" and "looking at stuff" jobs go to drones, I suppose we'll need 5,000 hours just to get on with Papillon?
  2. Buy this guy a bottle of vodka and maybe he'll share some tidbits with you? https://youtu.be/JkIc2Y5gKYM
  3. So here's your choice Midwest Helicopter Guy. You can go to work for an R44 operator who will pay you $50/hr on the hobbs, but you'll only get about 10 hours a month (a part-time summer job I considered taking recently) or you can mortgage your house, sell your car, and hit up all your relatives and friends for money so you can buy a job taking pictures of boats! That about sums up the professional pilot outlook these days, and most likely many days to come!?
  4. HA! I'll bet there are! Something tells me the Envoy rep is wearing Go Army underwear, or maybe its the other way around?
  5. So all we need is 1500 hours and a 4 year degree, or be ex-military? Where do I sign up!
  6. Every pilot needs a little bit of that Dutch courage now and again!
  7. 35 people were just reading this, but no one responded, so I guess I'll take a whack at it. Even with a stuck right pedal the tail rotor is still producing anti-torque thrust (just not enough to keep the nose straight) so when you roll down the throttle main rotor torque is reduced, which in turn reduces the amount of anti-torque you need, so the nose yaws left.
  8. I always carry a water bottle. Worse comes to worse, I can just open the door, poor out the water, then refill it while sitting there. I know there are guys out there who would say they have no choice but to get out while its running. They'll say its because they have to fuel it themslves and they're not allowed to shut down, or they're in a place where if they shut down they may not be able to start up again, but this was a tour pilot in the Grand Canyon!? I realize that in the commercial world you must at times trade safety for profit, but like hot fueling an R44, you're never going to convince me that its a good idea! Now I don't know about these fancy turbines they get to fly in the Canyon, but my Robbie flight manual says, "minimum crew is one pilot". I used to think, why did they put that in there? Isn't that kind of a , "no duh", type of thing?
  9. For Papillon I guess its 1,000? https://www.verticalmag.com/news/ntsbissuespreliminaryreportforgrandcanyonhelicoptercrash/ Someone posted this on another thread and I figured this forum has been pretty slow lately (unless you're in the military that is) so even though its 3 years old and probably already talked about, there doesn't seem like much else, so here goes? Seems to me if I was so worried about the "fluid levels" as to feel the need to check them again when I got to the Canyon, I would not have used that helicopter in the first place?
  10. http://helicopterforum.verticalreference.com/topic/19886-energizer-bunny-meets-r44/ Sorry I don't know what type of battery they used.
  11. Application won't print anyway, guess I should take that as a sign!
  12. Given recent events with the Feds and all, if Hansen offered you a job now, would you take it?
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