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  1. It's a reasonable conclusion for readers to come to considering that your reply to the accident summary was a rant about Robinson's decision to use Palnuts.
  2. What makes you think it was a design problem?
  3. Sorry, just saw this. There is no standard pricing for this type of thing. There is a lot of demand for discounted time building or simply a unique experience, so it sometimes goes for nearly market rate. I've seen some low-time guys jump on it for full market rate (operator covered hotels) just for the chance to fly the aircraft outside of the normal training area. You also see many operators give the time away for free because they feel that its unethical to leverage the plight of the low-time pilot to offset a common cost of doing business. So there is your range: $0-$500ish. Somewhere in the middle is pretty common.
  4. I think you underestimate the pace of technology. We already have multiple manufacturers successfully converting full-size, certified helicopter designs to unmanned or pilot optional. Unmanned K-Max's have slung an impressive amount cargo to troops in Afghanistan. The sensors are getting better, with sensor technology already far exceeding the capabilities of human sight. Even small, consumer-level drones are now shipping with obstacle avoidance systems. What's lacking in unmanned aircraft is the judgement that humans have. Deep learning AI is making huge leaps in that department, and we've only seen the beginning. The self-driving cars are a good example of this. As the technology improves, automation will become increasingly safe, increasingly precise, increasingly efficient, and increasingly cheap. Routine manual human control will be a liability. This will remove helicopter jobs. Not all of them, but most. As I said before, the only unknown is how long it will take for this to happen. Twenty years? Fifty? One hundred?
  5. Sure, there will always some need, but if you think the number of flying jobs won't be a fraction of what it is today, I think you're sorely mistaken. The only question is "When?" Can someone starting a career today expect to have a full 30 or 40 year flying career with comparable compensation and job security? Hard to say.
  6. It's hard to feel bad for someone telling bold-faced lies in their marketing: "Nationwide, the average hourly rental of an R44 Raven II with a flight instructor is about $650 and requires reserving a block of 5-10 hours minimum." Myrtle Beach Academy of Aviation http://mbacademyofaviation.com/helicopter_courses.html
  7. This must be Helicopter Adventures. I haven't heard a good thing about them yet.
  8. Sounds anecdotal to me, a small sample size, and highly likely to be influenced by personal biases.
  9. I'm enjoying reading through the comments. Thanks to all of you taking the time to leave your thoughts! Let me ask a couple more questions. When I see videos of people maneuvering aggressively at low airspeeds and low altitude, it seems impossible to keep the wind on the nose, and difficult to constantly keep track of it if you're maneuvering (especially for something fast-paced like herding, or shooting/netting). It seems to me like it'd be very easy, especially on a windy day, to Put yourself in an LTE situation, whether due to low RPM, the natural wind not being on the nose, or side/rearward flight; orPull too much power and droop RPM leaving you almost no altitude which which to get back your RPM; orFind yourself in an uncommanded descent due to decelerating or turning downwind while maintaining constant groundspeed (slowing airspeed)All of those could happen fast, and catch you off-guard when you've got tunnel vision on the objective. Any rules-of-thumb to prevent accidents from those scenarios? Other than "don't do it". Any other situations likely to bite you, that I haven't mentioned?
  10. Lately I've been watching cattle herding, hog hunting, and game capture videos. I almost have it all down, but before I put it on my resume, and maybe get a job doing that kind of work some day, I'd like to know if there's any wisdom to be passed down from you guys that have done that type of fast-paced, low-level maneuvering. Joking aside, imagine you're talking to someone who's low-time and has only ever hovered and landed into the wind, with normal approaches and takeoffs. What advice, tips, techniques, or warnings would you give to someone before sending them out to muster cattle or perform some other low-level operation like that?
  11. What companies are still offering their employees standby privileges on the airlines? Those that do, is it just to get to work, or can you use that benefit to travel on your time off?
  12. What a ridiculous, annoying signature. You realize we have to scroll through that every single time you post, right?
  13. That's the point of this subforum, Tom, it's a place to list time building offers. I know you're desperate to dupe people into your system, but there are a lot of people that don't want their resume poisoned by the name Boatpix.
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