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  1. Thanks for the responses. Ive already decided I wanted to pursue it, just wanted to hear some thoughts. I mean now is the time in a personal level if I am ever going to try it, I have nothing to hold me back, as far as kids, wife, ect. Thanks again, guess Ill just be going for it and see where it all ends up.
  2. Just curious everyones views on that? Ive been doing a lot of reading on these forums and some other places, and asking some questions, and it seems like right now would be a horrible time to consider this, no matter how bad you wanted it. Things ranging from the market being flooded with new GI Bill pilots making it hard to catch a CFI job, among other things. Is it really that bad as Ive been reading? I cant think of one positive thing Ive come across, and Ive been doing a lot of researching on the various topics. I mean, dont get me wrong, I still plan to pursue it, but I was wondering what others thought on the timing? Just curiousity is all.
  3. Hey, Anyone currently attending or has attended the 2 year degree pilot program over at Community College of Baltimore County? If so I was wondering if ya can give me some feedback on their program. I came across this during my search for schools that work with the GI Bill since my EAS will be popping at the end of the year and I found this one. Its one of the very few degree programs I have found around the northeast in my search. They only offer 0-Comm ratings but I was still curious if there is anyone out there whose been to the school before. Also, anyone out there who can give me some feedback on how much of a pain it is to transfer schools? Say for example I decided to go with CCBC and I maxed out with them, how much trouble is it to transfer to another school to finish up something like CFI and CFII? Thanks as always, -Allen
  4. Thanks, I went ahead and started with Helicopter Flying Handbook, so far it seems pretty easy to comprehend, little bits of math in there that Ive forgotten about over the years, that I clearly need to knock the dust off of haha but overall Im gathering some good information. Ill probably go ahead and knock out the Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge next since it seems to be recommended as a first read. Thanks everyone.
  5. Hey all, So it may be a stupid question, but I ordered a lot of reading materials to knock out in the upcoming weeks. Went with all the FAA freebies, and picked up a copy of, Cyclic and Collective, Helicopter Flying Handbook, and Principles of Helicopter Flight. Just curious if anyone could suggest which one was an "easier" read for someone who has no knowledge on the subject. Ive seen lotsa people say this or that via amazon reviews, but I figured I would attempt to get it straight from here. Again, if it sounds stupid, I apologize, but I figured I would ask anyways. Thanks, -Allen
  6. Thanks Spike, I have been scanning many of the old postings including that one, I' mainly made this post to find a few contacts I can message later on in my search for a school when more questions arise.
  7. Thanks for the respone, care to elaborate on which ones your rerferring too? Ive been searching out the schools who have programs with the AAS degree setups, so I can fully utilize my GI Bill. I have found a few other schools as well, but these seemed to be either the mainly talked about ones, or the other schools only offer an odd setup, like 0-Comm. No CFI or anything of that nature.
  8. Thank you for the responses everyone. Ill be shooting out some messages to ya.
  9. Hey all, I'm looking for some people who attended these particular schools that might be willing to answer some random questions for me. Upper Limit Aviation Guidance Aviation Palm Beach Helicopters I'm basically trying to get some information/questions answered from actual students or previous students from these 3 schools. PREFERABLY GI Bill users. I plan to attend one of these schools when I EAS in roughly 9 months. So I was trying to get some inside information on em. Thanks for the help.
  10. Thanks a lot Airhead. I already picked up the FAA books you mentioned from their website. I went ahead and purchased "Principles of Helicopter Flight" and "Helicopter Pilots Handbook" so hopefully this will all do the trick for me. Excellent idea on those tests.
  11. Search is working for me now, found the information I was looking for. Thanks anyways, -Allen
  12. Hi, Im new to the forums, but like many other who have come before me, I am interested in pursuing the dream of flying helo's. Always been intrigued by them, and worked around helo's for the last few years in the Marine Corps, and I really got the fever during a deployment with some Army Medevac pilots, took some rides, and got to overview the H-60s, and that was all she wrote for me after that. Pretty soon, Ill be EAS'ing from the Marine Corps, and I have been researching schools and such to use my GI Bill benefits with. Still looking into at all currently, but my main question is this. Ill be punching out for another deployment, spanning a good amount of time, so Im trying to gather up any type of books or materials that would be a smart read for someone who plans to be going to school for this. Basically anything that you all have read over the years or during your schooling, that you think might help someone to read up on ahead of time. I understand no amount of books can probably put me ahead of the curve for flight school, but I would still like to store away the information. Thanks for any help anyone can dish out on this, I attempted a search, and for some reason it blanked out on me everytime, so hopefully Im not asking a question thats brought up daily, haha. -Allen
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