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  1. Don't know what they were willing or able to offer me, I told them what I was willing to explore. Thanks for the well wishes.
  2. They've offered me HR in the AG branch (I basically laughed in his face ). Seriously not for me, I asked what they could do for boat warrant or CID, they laughed in my face, lol. I'm getting out. I have good options and great contacts in the civ market.
  3. My condition is degenerative. Passed my first phys, post WOCS couldn't pass the next one. A few doctors here and there and an expert in Birmingham, and whammo. I cannot get a waiver because even though a surgery will restore my hearing, my permanent hearing loss has already progressed passed the standards of flight. The diisease will eventually leave me def, in need of cochlear implants.
  4. WOs are the sh*t, get through B co though....
  5. Better than getting DQ'd here......it sucks.
  6. Hey don't be letting the secret gold mine of close hold out!!!! (But seriously)
  7. Getting into the Coast Guard is far more difficult than the Army. To commission out of college, there are a lot of stipulations that are hard for the average guy to meet. But to transfer means you are already a pilot, if you get accepted, hooray! If not no biggie. Plus you get to fly AND get paid as a commissioned officer. In the Army you have to choose money or flight time. I chose flight time, but it looks like I'll be getting the crap end of both sticks. Little money, little flight time. A victim of poor timing If the Army wants to get their investment out of aviators, they wouldn't have them flying desks for 6 months to a year (outside normal career progression training, obviously). To go to a unit and not fly, is a compete and total waste of all the money they just spent to train that pilot. For someone with a few thousand hours in an aircraft, they can get out for a while and get back in and still be proficient. To have 100 or so, then not fly for a year, there is going to be another learning curve there.
  8. The building (that I think) used to be the O-club is still open, they call it 'Mother Ruckers' I don't think I have ever seen the parking lot full.
  9. I can't imagine why someone would not be interested in flying CG. I'm absolutely going to look into transferring when the time comes. Extremely challenging flying, sh*t hot helicopters, heck, you could be stationed in some of the most beautiful places in America.
  10. Too bad Rucker doesn't even have an O club anymore I would imagine that a great deal of wisdom and experience would be passed at the hands of a few pints.
  11. Infatnryman 2nd Generation pilot, countless generation of servicemen.
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