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  1. Currently stationed at Davison in 12th. PM me with any questions you might have.
  2. My first taco came during instruments in the mike. In bound on the VOR Copter 69 into Lowe and switched over from Enterprise VOR to OZR so I could identify Wibin. Identified, crossed, then I descended to the MDA. As soon as I lowered the collective to get down to the MDA I look over at the IP and he's got this big sh*t eating grin on his face. I immediately retuned in Enterprise VOR. 6 degrees off course, f**k. Everything was going so well too. Good times, even better learning experience.
  3. I would heed this mans advice and steer clear whenever it is not mandatory to be around there. Spend your free time at the learning center or playing in traffic but not hanging around Bco.
  4. Don't expect much from HRC if Ms. Nolette is involved.
  5. My wife and I had our son between BOLC and primary. He's been a blessing for both of us but damn I slept maybe 4 hours continuously thru flight school. 4 hours here, 2 hours there. You'll get it all in, just not straight through the night.
  6. Looks like my buddy took a c-12 in the last selection. He's excited...
  7. Signed out of Rucker today and spoke with a LT at BN who was on Staff duty. She finished up BOLC in March and is still waiting to start Primary. No excuses when you guys show up, 5&9s should be perfect. I'm very fortunate To have made it through with zero bubbles of BS.
  8. I heard Bco was looking for a few new instructors for BOLC. Interested?
  9. Are all ex 47 FEs who fly 64s this needy? Just messin. The last I heard was the Army was going back to 3-5 year tours CONUS. If you desire to stay in one location I would make sure your branch manager knows this and why prior to being put on assignment instructions to avoid any issues. Possible worse case scenario is you do a 12 month overseas unaccompanied tour while your wife stays in place. This could ensure duty assignment of choice in return back to where your wife is at school. I've seen a few pilots pull this off Hondo or Korea in your case. Questions regarding the manning cycle I will defer to the more experienced WOs who have PCS'dand dealt with their respective branch managers. What the is window both CONUS and OCONUS? When should we be looking at the next duty location? 1 year out? 18 months?
  10. Live in on Fort Rucker, it cuts down commuting when you have to be at the flight line at o dark thirty.
  11. Hook, line and sinker. Time to close up shop in this troll thread.
  12. The bubbles are back in a bad way. 4 month wait for WOBC for new WO1s out of WOCS. Plus random bubbles betweens different phases of flight school.
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