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  1. Even a blown wing isn't going to produce enough lift if it's that small. 300shp isn't going to lift that either. A tiltrotor's proprotor is also a compromise between a plane's prop and a helo rotor--the inside is twisted and the outside is flat. Small rotors like those shown couldn't do that. Not buying it.
  2. Just to clarify...being military isn't a requirement, it's just that most guys meeting the requirements and are willing to go through the somewhat paramilitary police training are military, and it reflects in the current makeup of the unit. All the pilots (though not the TFOs) are currently ex-mil. If you've got the rotor time and are willing to deal with the harassment package, e.g. shooting, (fairly easy) physical training, 10 weeks working patrol in field training, etc, by all means, contact the recruiters at BPD.
  3. Baltimore is hiring, but yes it's a Flight Officer (pilot), not a Tactical Flight Officer (observer) position. Flight Officers are hired externally. TFOs are done internally. It's a long road, even as a pilot, though. BPD requires you to go through the police academy and do field training, plus about 100 hours of additional flight training, including the factory course for EC120s. It's a lot of flying once you're there. About 4 hours/day, 4-5 days a week. And it's more interesting flying than a lot of other gigs. As far as the logbooks, it's nothing magical. Just expect a thorough background check. The place leans military, too. All the pilots are ex-military, so logbook verification is a lot easier for them.
  4. Air Beat (ALEA trade journal) had an article on airborne use of force within the last couple of months. It had a list of factors to consider.
  5. Which agencies in that region typical hire pilots as pilots? Second question--of those, which hire them as sworn/un-sworn personnel?
  6. I'm new to this game, but a 50 man department with two helos and pilots? That's a pretty big investment for a small organization, even with surplus aircraft. Surplus aircraft are especially tricky in regards to maintenance--they're cheap to get initially, but come time for new engines or blades....
  7. As a military guy turned civil government pilot, apparently I don't live close enough to the edge. I like my expensive turbine-powered toys and the fact that my employers allow me to make no-go decisions before the point I where I have to apply opposite pedal to escape (flying my backwards European helo I have to think in reverse now). I did enjoy the discussion of pilot techniques before it turned into a pissing match. There are the book solutions and there are some pilot solutions that one can keep in their hip pocket for when they're needed. The most important lesson is to alway leave yourself an out. If there's no out available, then you'd better consider how to get out of this situation. If you have to get yourself into situations where there is no out, then in my opinion, someone's life had better be on the line. No paycheck is worth that sh*t otherwise.
  8. Best--V-22 Osprey. Does that count? Worst--Don't really have one. The TH-57C was the least enjoyable of the 8 I've flown in the pilots seat (5 with reasonable time in), but it does what it does. It's not a bad machine.
  9. Most of those vacancies will be posted on both the individual agency's website as well as USAjobs.gov.
  10. I've seen that no tobacco rule on some of the postings in FL. What's the thinking on that? I mean I know smoking is bad and all, but it is a legal product. Does the department get a discount on health insurance or something? I thought the South was all, "live free or die."
  11. My polygrapher told me the same thing. People forget that like in politics, a lot of times it's not about the crime, it's about the cover up. He said a lot of guys blow it on the "Have you ever done drugs?" question. They get booted for lying and saying "no," even though the department's standards are ridiculously high, like a maximum of 50x for pot and 10x for coke or something like that, as long as it's been 3 years. Sorry I can't quote the rule exactly. That question didn't apply to me at all so I didn't sweat it.
  12. I have recently retired after 20 years flying rotary wing and tiltrotor with the Marine Corps, and am looking for short-term ferry/contract work in May and June 2015. Experience Summary Commercial pilot: Helicopter, ASEL, Powered Lift CFI/CFII: Helicopter, Powered Lift Type rating: BV107 Current FAA 2nd Class Medical Pilot-in-Command Aircraft Experience: B206,BV107,MV22 Total Flight Time: 3500+ Turbine Helicopter: 2000+ Twin Engine Helicopter: 1000+ Night: 970+ Instrument: 490+ NATOPS Instructor and Instrument Evaluator (check airman) in the CH-46 (BV107), TH-57 (B206), and MV-22B. Crew Resource Management Instructor. Night Systems Instructor. Extensive cross-country, overwater, mountain, desert, and confined area landing experience. To request resume, documentation, or availability information contact me at carletonforsling@gmail.com .
  13. How about some of the typical questions they ask you? Are most interviews about your background, what you've flown, and who you are, or do they go the technical route and ask FARs, aero questions, etc?
  14. You might get better. An old group CO of mine was the program manager for this. Apparently everything that bugs tiltrotor pilots about the V-22 is getting fixed and then some. The V-280 will be quite the hotrod if the Army antes up and buys it.
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