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  1. This whole thing is just hilarious. No way is the army going to retain any significant number of quality aviators with this slap in the face. I would say more are considering getting out now after the bonus info was released. The opportunities in the civilian world are just phenomenal, and they keep getting better with the influx of retirements that were caused by the increase in airline retirement age that happened a while back. For most this is a no-brainer decision, unless the 'serving' factor heavily outweighs the financial/quality of life benefits the civilian world offers. 18k/yr at best, until your 15th year then it goes away, that just won't do it - no way I can convince my wife that would be worth her enduring more army. Guard note: My guard buddies are logging more than I am as active. It's not uncommon that aviators don't fly for a year after flight school (I sat for 8 months). I would absolutely go guard over active, if I had to do it all over. Without a doubt.
  2. We'll be there the 2nd of all goes well here at Sill.
  3. Well be there the 2nd of all goes well here at Sill.
  4. The way I understand it is if the aircraft is deemed worthy of performing its duty and its mission is put in place then it is no longer in development. The comet was pre-FAA, so considerations can be made there. In either case, unless that aircraft never left your definition of development, those 426 deaths were certainly not all within its development. Not going to argue with you; we'll agree to disagree and I'll continue to watch the progress of tilt rotors from a safe distance.
  5. It appears the Comet's 426 deaths were after it was put into use by airlines. Osprey: "During testing from 1991 to 2000 there were four crashes resulting in 30 fatalities" - The osprey apparently wasn't mission capable until 2007.
  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accidents_and_incidents_involving_the_V-22_Osprey I couldn't find an aircraft that cost more lives in its development. Please enlighten me. And just for laughs http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/V-22_Osprey
  7. I'm pretty sure it has cost more time, money, and lives in its development than any aircraft in history. It's a giant political stunt, and the v-22 two pilots I've spoken with agree (both of whom are former Army pilots). They tell me that you pretty much need perfect weather to fly in them. My big problem with the thing is if both engines fail there is no autorotating or glide path to rely on. That, and one went down 3 miles from my house. http://www.airforcetimes.com/article/20120830/NEWS/208300307/Report-Misjudged-wake-caused-CV-22-crash
  8. What have been the toughest challenges for you so far?
  9. They never called my employers.. Don't tell them until after you've been selected - that should be the first they hear of your WOFT intentions
  10. OK guys, 3 mins is all we get for hover intro. Then, straight to instruments!
  11. Lindsey that is terrible luck. Report those dbags.. And, get on the horn to battalion and talk to someone. I know exceptions have been made at the battalion level for applicants. If all you need is a PT test I don't see how they can say no.
  12. Do you have any college? If so, I wouldn't hesitate to go for it given your test scores. PT is relatively easy to improve.
  13. Garmin has one called Garmin Pilot. Is that the one? Thinking about buying it myself.
  14. Are these apps available on Android tablets as well?
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