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  1. Well as much as I enjoy pissing matches, my question was answered, and now I will be closing this thread. Thank you for all the help guys and hopefully one day this thread can help someone else out.
  2. Thanks for all the replies guys, I have been gone for awhile with school, work, and life. But I still haven't lost the dream. I will be going heli, I actually asked this question because my wife (soon to be ex) has a school she can go to in cypress CA and they had an airplane school out there that I could go too. Well stuff went down hill with her, was trying to make it work but she was dumb. Anyways I will be hopefully flying helicopters starting in 2016 after I get my first associates degree.
  3. Thanks everybody. I really just want to fly, but the way FlyingPig put it, the plane is like a car, and helis are like dirtbikes, they do sound a lot more fun. I always wanted to be in a helicopter since I was a kid, so I may just end up going that route, BUT I will go do some flight tours before I choose. I love helicopters, and once I get my quals, I want to put in a package for the WOFT since I always loved the military too. So we will see what happens. Next obstacle I need to get over is the 50lbs now. So I will be working on that and getting a flight physical. Thank you everyone and if you would like to keep posting please do so.
  4. I want to make a career out of this. I just want to fly for the rest of my life and get paid for it. I don't mind teaching, wouldn't mind getting paid to fly for airlines or for EMS. For police or firefighter. I just want to fly haha.
  5. I'm just getting some perspective on everything. Everything has fell into place to start training for pilot, but I must lose 50lbs to get to 180lbs so I can train and then teach in r22. I want to lose the weight anyways just because I hate what I did to myself, BUT I have to go to a school in salt lake, or Arizona. And I have a couple fixed wing schools out here in so Cali that I can go to. Honestly I just want to fly that is all I care about so I may end up doing this route anyways I'm just wondering why you guys went heli and not fix.
  6. Im sorry to say, but no soilder makes 36,000 after being in for 5 years and making it to E-4, I was making max $24,000. and defiantly not 30% more then $36,000 maybe an officer.
  7. Thanks guys. All this info is good and made it more understandable. I still haven't started my training and to be honest I don't care where I want to fly as long as I am flying. Or where I live for that matter. Have a great day everyone.
  8. So I was talking to this guy a few weeks ago that used to live in Hawaii. I told him I'm going to try and become a pilot, and he was telling me how Hawaii is hiring a bunch of pilots and can't get anyone out there to work. I kinda have him are you a retarded look because of stuff I read on here and he kept saying how expensive it is out there and companies over there don't have to abide by the FAA regulations over there "Wild West" I told him ok and left, but got me wondering how do you deal with people that KNOW the helicopter industry but have no idea what is the industry.
  9. HeliAV8or Unless something has changed in the last 2 weeks that I talked to them, you are very wrong. EMBRY is a part-141 school.
  10. What school are you going in DFW? Only one I knew of out there is US Aviation Academy.
  11. I didn't read the whole thing man, but I do know that you could go WOFT Army Warrant Officer and have a chance at flying. Talk to a recruiter about it, and also check out the military discussion forum. Unless you want to go civilian, start now, if you get a private while in you could use your GI Bill almost anywhere, but if you use your GI Bill from private-CFII your limiting the schools. Things to think about. I wish I got my license when I was still in.
  12. Thanks everyone, and thank you WolftalonID. I will defiantly do that and read the other books you guys recommended on this forum. I will do that because I do love have a "GOOD DISCUSSION" with people and showing them I know what I am talking about.
  13. Just an update and for the new guys, the school never opened and didn't get approved for helicopters or something who knows. So glad I didn't put all my eggs in that basket just goes and show you, always have a back up plan.
  14. What is the weight restriction on the whole R22? I will not lie, I'm fat being 6ft and 220lbs, I been working out but more of a bulking weight tying to get bigger before I cut down. Should I be headed in the opposite direction and lose weight?
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