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  1. Jon..thanks..the Roger Wilco is from my day job..redundancy is the nature of the beast.
  2. Also I am very very happy to know you made it. It is extraordinarily motivating to see you follow through!
  3. Zaurus, Thanks for that information I will research this as well. Also I do apologize for being a late bloomer in the service of my country.
  4. Lindsey, I followed your advice and currently sending it up the chain of comman. Also thanks for your support over the last year, I can honestly accredit you with helping me with my SIFT and reminding me I wasnt the only one in a long multi-year battle. I understand your done with WOCS?
  5. Hello everyone I wanted to reach out and get some advice. Over a year ago I started on this forum on my way into Army Aviation. About me : http://helicopterforum.verticalreference.com/topic/16666-snag-for-meps/?view=findpost&p=132782 Current Situation: So after a long road and multiple battles I got the SIFT test out of the way etc. So In November an OCS Board opened and was my last shot at that route as I was going to be over the AD Age for acceptance by the next Board. I had not had my flight physical scheduled yet and as slow as my recruiting office had been and the constant battles with them I knew that by the time I went to WOFT Board that my door for OCS would have closed forever. Be it foolish or not I jumped in the OCS Board (with literally 24 hours prior to the Board) and was accepted. So from there I knew I had to get the flight physical done if there was going to be any chance, however slim, to branch Aviation, so from November till now I keep arguing for it and no go. I Depart for training in August... Finally someone new took over at the recruiting station and I got off the phone with him earlier and he told me his chain of command could not justify sending me for a flight physical as I was already accepted in OCS etc. He stated he would ask again (yeah right).I explained that it absolutely had to be completed prior to shipping or I would be SOL. I will not accept no for an answer and it is extremely frustrating to say the least. I have LOR's from a Major who is over with the group who flies the Golden Knights, LOR's from LTC with 160th Soar, CW5 Fixed Wing VIP pilot etc. So this is my last hurdle. Given my situation how do I proceed? I want to handle it the proper way and not come off half cocked. Any insight you guys can give me? Thank you all again.
  6. Current default federal loans such as student loans can automatically deny interim and you have to wait for the full investigation to clear you before your eligible. If you show your repaying and doing what your supposed then you can expect to get cleared but it can take several months to nearly a year in some cases. Also tax liens and levys can cause issues as well.
  7. I know I have zero to contribute here at all on this topic but.... I must say I have been mind blown by the acronyms and such used here to a degree my head is literally hurting. i even read every single post to see how much of it I actually understood!
  8. Phrog I appreciate your feedback and I have no intentions of giving up yet and I will fight tooth and nail to the very end. Thank you for putting my mind at ease with this.
  9. I appreciate your feedback. My recruiter and I have been talking today. They are having their staff to start digging into this matter right now. A good point made was if someone came in with paperwork saying they had a 20 mm stone and the person said maybe a 1 mm stone who do they believe ? The person apparently. In the meantime while we gather our case for MEPS to reconsider their information I am having my documentation reviewed by a couple specialist who will also give their medical opinion that A. It does not indicate a size of a stone, or that if in fact a stone was ever present. B. That it would have been unlikely to naturally have passed in a short period of time with little warning a stone of 5mm or greater. The waiver option (which the recruiters pointed out may not be so bad due to the extreme discretion in this case) would be an option though of course we prefer to get this fixed the right way.
  10. Question, I am remaining positive about this meps hiccup that i posted about earlier so I am going to go ahead and ask another question since I have time to address this while waiting. I had PRK Surgery in 2007, precorrection was -5.25 5.75 (within the 8 limits)... As years have gone by I noticed that I struggle to get 20/20 on the test. My refraction is very tiny now , so much so the eye doctor indicated that I wouldn't notice much improvement with glasses as its extremely minor. Such as certain times of the day or lighting I can see 20/20 also if my eyes are say not dry I can pretty well make out the letters... So when I go for the flight physical having had PRK years ago and I don't hit the 20/20 mark would that be an issue?
  11. I called that number for got a generic answering machine. I wonder if that number is listed incorrectly.
  12. (Sorta rewriting the information as I have learned more and started putting the pieces together from my visit and what is going on now). The saga continues and I am seriously starting to loose sleep over this after reading more into it. Guys I am just absolutely becoming very bent about this entire thing. Let me give some more information about what happened and what I have learned (This may help someone else in the future). My situation for WOFT has suddenly gotten very dark and grim and I fear may come to an end from what I am reading. As some of you on the Forum know me I am a 28 year old in good health and no medical issues. I am currently a Swat Team Commander and assigned to a Federal Agency as their Tactical Team Commander. I have never swayed to being untruthful with the Military and have no intentions of doing so.In my job my integrity is an absolute must and would never want to jeopardize it. I have completed my Asvab, Sift and everything ever asked of me within 24 hours of it being needed and have scored well. As above mentioned in my original post there is some details I did not include and something I have found out about the last two days of research on this issue. I went to MEPS a week ago and during my first physical with one doctor we went through my records, my two things where previous PRK surgery and a kidney stone from 8 years ago I passed naturally (due to horrible soda based diet, never again trust me). Anyhow the doctor looked over my records from the hospital when I went there and asked me did I know the size of the stone? I said well honestly they were pretty sure it was a stone based off the symptoms but never actually "got a stone" or found it on an xray and I may have already passed it. I knew in the past of hearing war stories of people with 10 mm and 13 mm stones. The doctor (whom is from India and I struggled to understand him) said possibly 5 mm's? I said well perhaps I guess he handed me my record while he wrote and I looked through and saw nothing about the size of the stone. I said yeah I have no idea, he then told me to sign the forms.. After signing the forms he then opened another book and went through a list and said any stone greater than 4mm is a DQ and would need a waiver. I was absolutely shocked and blown away by this, it almost seemed like he set me up for failure. I said "sir that is odd I mean I have no idea and no way to ever prove it, I passed it naturally and never have ever had a single episode after it. I also have been checked on several occasions during checkups and never had anything going on in my urinary tract. He proceeded to mumble about getting some other things done. I proceeded to complete my full meps physical and met with the final doctor. The final doctor reviewed my file and then stated the only thing I needed to do was provide a recent Refraction dated after the date of my visit at meps (as they did not have an optometrist on duty). He stated that I could either get it done locally or I could come back to do one. The final Doctor then clearly stated "After this is done your file will be closed and you will be good to go I see no other issues.". At this point I figured that perhaps the previous issue must have been resolved. On my way home I stopped in to an optometrist and got my refraction information updated and sent it to Meps via my Recruiter the following day. Two days ago I receive a Certified Letter from Meps stating that I was not qualified for Military Service based of a History of a Kidney Stone. I immediately drove to the recruiter to share the letter who was equally shocked. He reviewed his records and show that you just could not have had a stone in 12 months. The stone was 2005 ( I passed meps in 2008 for Marine Officer Program but did not pursue it due to my career at the time) and here in 2013 I was denied? So I did further research and see that in 2011 an update went out saying that anything over 4mm is a DQ (requires waivers as we all know can be very hard to get). I feel very much that I was talked into saying this, I walked in there with no intention of hiding anything and it seems odd that a Doctor would DQ me or write this up based solely off my word of speculation when even the Doctors at the time never got a shot to look at it. Finally I looked into the reason why this was passed and it is stated that 5mm or greater is something that requires surgical intervention due to being too large to "fit through the hole" for a lack of a better word. I can say that I passed it without the need of any surgery and came into the hospital with pain but had passed it at some point. All that being said and understanding how little effort I can expect out of my recruiter based off previous dealings with him, what should I do? How do I fight this? This is not a situation where I gave a document saying otherwise based solely off a "I have no clue". If I had known the information or have ever thought a Doctor was trying to set me up for failure I would have never "speculated" for him., the documents are there and who knows maybe it wasn't a stone as far as the documents show (of course its fairly likely it was) I am sorry for the long post but this thing is really bothering me and I have invested so much in it to be stonewalled by underhandedness. The worst part is nothing will go on from here until Tuesday due to the holiday weekend. To think someone likely signed my fate with a stroke of a pen and could very possibly be wrong to start with. I will fight for the unlikely waiver if that's the only option I am left with but if you guys know something I haven't found I am all ears, even if there is a way to fight the what the Doctor indicated on the writeup? Sorry for the long post guys and thank you all again for your information and support. This group has been an excellent resource.
  13. I certainly have not felt them cause me any issues yet but if I end up needing to have them yanked I'll waste no time to do so if so advised.
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