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  1. I know in PR they where traded to the Police Department and are being used and repaired by them.
  2. Do you guys need more proof this thread is a joke? Or would a audio recording mailed personally be better?
  3. Don't listen to him you don't wanna lie at meps answer all questions with the truth especially the medical related ones even if it was something simple or something that happened long ago just say the truth and when they ask explain it. One of the army values is integrity if you wanna be a good army aviator and soldier say the truth. The BCT advice is still valid and accurate thought.
  4. Nice write up and great job! I assume you can answer your own question where any formulas provided?
  5. Additionally if you are having a hard time finding a Aviation WO to write your LOR you can get in contact with USAREC. They stated that they can assist you in getting in contact with a aviator in your area.
  6. From what I understand since the program is designed to teach somebody to 0 hours it seems not to make a difference to them.
  7. Did you find that the SIFT Study Guide from Accepted Inc.(Blue Apache one) provided the necessary math and mechanical knowledge or did you take topics that weren't in the guide on the test?
  8. Quick side question is the -60A course the same as the -60M course or do they split them up? (especially for a NG unit which only has -60A)
  9. I have the Accepted Inc. Sift Book and the topics they review nowhere is seen unit conversions. Now I am worried that my book does not provide enought "coverage" thought it enphasizes topics like exponent roots, probabilities, sequence estimation, and pretty much all geometric figure formulas for volume and area. Also the usual basics of fraction division, multiplication and decimal operations. It also emphasizes that I need the ability to create expressions based on reading a text. (which IMO is the hardest part..)
  10. Got the awnser to my question on the Live Warrant Officer Briefing from this morning. SIFT Minimum appears to be back to 40 but as we all know if you score a 40 you are at the bottom of the scores and may not be competitive max is still 80.
  11. I been looking around for the score range on the SIFT. From what I found on Google the minimum is 40 and the maximum is 80. Is this Minimum of 50 still in effect? I cannot find it on USAREC, here is what USAREC says: http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/prerequ/WO153A.shtml
  12. Yamer, If your State only has Blachawks available. Does that mean that selection for you is guarantee to be Blackhawk? Since it would not make sense to train you in a Air Frame that your state does not have. Anner
  13. You joined the US Army in the National Guard or AD?
  14. Wait I am confuse do this rules do or do not apply to RC amazon hobbyist? Or are this rules tailored for amazon and companies?
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