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  1. Your original orders to get you to WOCS state a 6 year ADSO. Your 10 year ADSO will kick in after you complete flight school.
  2. You will get your initial uniform issue at Rucker and go to CIF to get 782 gear. Super simple. Don’t wig out if your clothing marking gets jacked up. I wouldn’t go dropping more money on replacements. I went through about 6 years ago but don’t imagine it has changed that much. Hit me up if you have any more questions.
  3. Concur with the above. I made the switch in 2014. I would add, drill is a little different. Just enough to screw you up. Things may have changed but you are evaluated on close order drill. One of the things you will learn from your straight doggy brethren. Oh, Sergeants Major only have 3 rockers. Don’t know why that messed me up but it threw me off when I first saw it. You will live by the WOCSOP. Learn it and love it. And if it ain’t in there, make sure your Stands guy is good and pushes out the Standards. If you are all wrong together, you will be right (that will make more sense when you get there). Your training up to this point will carry you through the other stuff. Don’t get a big head about being a former-Marine and you will be fine.
  4. As I understand it, as long as you are not an integrity violator, you go through until you pass. That does not mean that you wont have to repeat the entire 3 weeks though. I honestly wouldnt worry about it. That course is designed to give you tools. If you suck at land nav , there are 2-4 other people with you who can help. And if you all suck, you will get good at the Resist and escape portions. Win-win Concentrate on your 25 meter targets. All of these schools are designed for a kid off the street to make it through. Good luck!!
  5. I cannot speak to the history of how it started. However, I will say that those Blackhawk course students that got to do the Ranger mission did in fact bring food out for the students. So, to answer your question. Yes, at least one of the pilots at the controls was a student and his stick buddy was probably sitting in back in one of the crew chief seats. Hope this helps some.
  6. 1. It depends on the unit 2. Took me a year. Some folks are there for close to 2 years. Really depends on the bubbles. 3. Yes 4. Beach is about an hour and some change away. But, most folks find something to pique their interest around the area. 5. Yeah, do your 3-4 year tour at that duty station and then hopefully get a better assignment later. Biggest advice is grow where you are planted. 6. I absolutely love my job. There are some not so savory parts about it. But, on a whole, it is very fulfilling. You will get many opinions on this topic . . .
  7. I did a rifle and pistol qual while I was in WOBC. But, that was 3 or so years ago.
  8. Only stipulation in who the LORs come from is that one has to be a Senior Warrant Officer (CWO3 and above). The others can be from whoever. I got mine from my Squadron CO, a former OIC, an Air Force Colonel I worked with and an SES Civilian. Definitely use who you have.
  9. Good start. There is a fair bit to work with. I can run through this in more detail in the AM for things I might suggest. Who were/are you with? I was with HMM-774 out of Norfolk.
  10. I came from Aviation and my Company reminds me a lot of the Squadron I left (in a good way). That being said, I have heard that is not the norm. One thing that irks me a little is that in the Army, everyone identifies with the Division or the job first. Totally ass backwards from what we came from.
  11. So, you are kind of a unicorn. I dont know of any folks coming from AR. I was straight SMCR myself. Just an educated guess, but once you are selected you would go to MEPS to sign your contract. Presto Chango, in the Army now. I wouldnt expect to do that until near your WOCS report date given that you are discharged from the Corps and enlisted in the Army. They arent going to have you hanging out on Active Duty for an extended period of time prior to your report date. Good Luck man. Hope it works out for you.
  12. Just wanted to extend a sincere thanks to the most recently graduated IERW class for honoring my Company mates with their WOC rock painting. It was touching and everyone in A Co appreciated it. Good luck to you all.
  13. Short answer is, sort of. I was a "street to seat" dude and I got PCS orders for just me for WOCS. Received an amendment to those orders after for my family and house hold goods after that for flight school. I know some of the straight Active Component to Active Component folks got legit PCS orders (family HHG,etc) before WOCS. Hope that helps some. Best of luck.
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