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  1. Thanks for the encouraging words everyone, it really does help. I agree that I'm probably flying too much, but I know this school has a set program to get people done so that they are ready for certain swings of the market with tours and new students. If I start to butt heads with their predetermined path, then I'm not sure how that will fair for me in the future when I complete my CFII. To the above poster, I've actually lost 10lbs (not a good 10lbs as I'm already fairly light), in about two weeks. I can't say I'm exactly enjoying it at the moment, but it is my dream, which leaves me at s
  2. Hello everyone, I just wanted to post on here and get everyone's input and opinion about their experiences and dealings with pursuing helicopter flying as a career, especially their initial training. I just started a program that takes students from 0 to CFII in 5 to 6 months. I've lurked on here for a few months and made sure I saved the money and sought out a school that would give me the best opportunities moving forward. I took an hour long discovery flight, and while not completely new to aviation, I thought it was great and and an excellent challenge that would provide a rewarding ca
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