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  1. Thank you. I've been told before that mountain flying and SIC time in heavies are also good for preparing for fire work. Now if I can just crack into some of that before my professional retirement in 2020.
  2. I'm looking for path advise toward mediums and firefighting. I'm at 400 hours, with a career coming to s close in public safety. No RW CFI job within 200 miles. I've been doing ferry-flights on my dime and have learned a lot. Looking for safe & creative time building ideas to build experience toward firefighting.
  3. Hello, I'm Barry, a career firefighter/EMT building helicopter flight experience. I have shared and/or completed four cross country ferry flights in the R-44. I am continuously learning from other pilots and technicians. If you have a company repositioning flight, or a ferry flight and you would like a handy fella to bring along, I'm your guy. I have 25 years of EMT, Fire, and police experience. Maybe you can use me for back country aid skills or maybe you just want to mentor a guy who is looking forward to aerial firefighting, SAR, and HEMS in another thousand hours or so. My total time is low, approx 400 hours, but I have a positive attitude and work hard along the way. I'm a goood listener, storyteller, and I spring for fuel and beverages. Factory delivery flights sought too. References available. Thanks, BP
  4. FF/EMT with CPL/CFI seeking time building opportunities of all kinds. Some short notice ok. Commercial operations, special needs, safety & survival needs provided.
  5. I tell you what Medic40, I went through the same evaluation process about 7 years ago. I'm building my time, starting a company, and I still work shifts on the 'line.' The bottom line is this; when you fly, knowing it'll be a job like anything else, and you land and think to yourself, "Holy Sh*t that is fun, and I I can't wait to fly again." That's how you'll know you're doing the right thing by training for a second career. I was a 5 year testing guy for the FD, and expanded out to a lot of specialties to make sure I would have a long career. You train up, and come see me when you're done, I'd hire you if you got skills to go with that determination! I find that people from military or public safety have seen enough death and injury to be self disciplined on following policy and FAR guidelines for safety. Take care. For what it's worth: Seattle's Helicopter's NW has the lowest cost R44 rental & training, Precision in Oregon has the most beautiful scenery and real world training locations, and Inland in Eastern Washington has the best weather. For the 300C, I trained at Snohomish Flying Service in Snohomish County, also a beautiful sea level place to train.
  6. I am looking for a lease vendor with an R44 Clipper II available in mid May through June. The business is in cooperation with an established non-flying tourist location with airport access. Lease term may expand through September with the right aircraft and features. Please contact me directly at: 1heliguy@gmail.com
  7. 1Heliguy

    Flight Suits

    Professionalism is a key factor in the trust placed in you by not only clients, but management as well. Since they sign the paychecks, and forward their recommendations up the chain, so to speak, in flight careers, its worth it to wear a uniform. Internally, a uniform may also help staff to remember the expectations of the work, especially in a career with such importance on safety and details. I have responded to 4 helicopter crashes in my career before flying. Two involved post crash fires, and the occupants survival and/or quality of life was affected by their lack of flash fire protection. New uniform components such as Fireresistant cotton clothing; cargo pants and shirts, BDU style uniforms, and slacks and polo's also now can be purchased in low maintenance safety versions.
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