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  1. Just so he’s tracking, it he gets married after he moves to Rucker, they won’t pay for her to move. They will have to move her on their own accord. She’ll get healthcare, and he’ll get an increased housing allowance, but no money to move her. Just mentioning it because sometimes people don’t know that when they’re new to the military. once you’re married, they include funds to move family members from then on.
  2. Hey guys. Just left there as a ASO in C Co. Go to PMs if you have any optempo questions. Other than that, as a WO theres only one place to go, 2-158. As an RLO you may get farmed to another BN to do staff stuff or whatever.
  3. Weve been hearing rumors about increased ADSO and possible incentive pay increases for FY20. Anyone have any concrete info or is it all rumors at this point?
  4. Thats what Im hearing as well. I just dont understand the thought process. You could A) Give a pilot a ton of money B.) Give them no money but a new aircraft and get them twice as long as a bonus does C) lose that pilot And thats listed least to most expensive in my opinion.
  5. Has anyone seen midgrade tracked guys (W2) successfully request a fixed wing utilization slot from branch? Im weighing career options and Im seeing whats out there. Just trying to test the waters before I reach out and get fussed at by branch. Current UH60M ASO.
  6. So I went to the SOAR briefing, maybe I misunderstood. Those extra monthly pays are only after your initial ADSO?
  7. I got my verbal half way through the Mike course and orders ten days before grad
  8. Is that how it's going to go? At least we can count to six during the tie breaker.
  9. Met Yamer yesterday. He's in good spirits. I'm currently on training day 34 with media rights. Two back to back off posts passes for Memorial Day. Good to be in senior phase. Just a note to all those who are building anxiety. It's not bad. Just be where you're suppossed to be with what you have to have and support your classmates and it'll fly.
  10. 1). I was a college student/traditional Reservist since 2004. I started toying with the idea of WOFT after my first deployment at the end of 2007. My mother convinced me to go back to college to finish since I was already enrolled. I contemplated OCS and or ROTC grad school option. In my last semester of college, I was called up for Iraq. By the time I got back to finish school, OCS had downsized by like 75% and most of the scholarships/contracts for ROTC had been given out (I returned in the springtime). Two months later later I was offered an AGR position in an Airborne CA unit. I took it as a stopgap for unemployment post college. That leads to #2. 2). I was in the AGR program but unhappy. I knew I could stay in and get a retirement, but I didnt' want to do a desk job anymore. Thats what kickstarted my WOFT packet. It would be a seamless transition from AGR to active. Unlike gambling to go to OCS or back to grad school, in which I would hope and pray for an Active Duty commitment. I spoke to a lot of pilots and got to work with a lot doing non-standard aircraft JM duties etc. I actually decided to actively pursue a packet in December 2012 and finally put it in in September 2013.
  11. I'll have everything that's a clothing bag issue (ie uniforms and whatnot). The Army has always given me gortex etc. they can issue it to me again.
  12. Central Issuing Facility. Most posts have a place where you draw your required gear that you have to have. Body armor, ruck, etc.
  13. How stringent are the PT test graders? Just out of curiosity. I'm not a slouch, but I'm wondering if they're "to standard" graders (ie upper arm parallel, base of the neck is over base of the spine etc) or are they like the black hats I had at Airborne School (chest damn near touching the ground).
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