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  1. I think it's just the "entitlement generation" in general Bob. No one asked them if it was ok if someone flew Mr. Nick around so they are butthurt as usual. I guess I'm getting a bit more intolerant than I should be in my "older" age, but I don't have to put up with the bitterness and discontent anymore. When the time comes that I've heard enough of the cry babies and malcontents I will just quietly go home and enjoy my second retirement. Don't get me wrong, I work with some great people and love my current job, but...
  2. I call BS on the "straight line wind" theory. Give me a break, someone is trying to CYA on having their cranium up their behind.
  3. Depends on which aircraft I am flying. In the 206 or 58 I wear it on the right, in the 407 I wear it on the left because the cyclic is displaced just a bit farther to the right in cruise.
  4. If you don't bend it or break it, and as long as you dot all the I's and cross all the T's, follow policy and don't get your hand smacked then you get the bonus. Pretty simple "be diligent"
  5. A spin from the loss of a tail rotor can be so rapid (360 deg in 2 seconds or less) that the human eye cannot move fast enough to keep up with where you are at in the rotation. By the time your brain processes and the input is made you are likely 180 deg opposite of where you think you are, hence the perceived control reversal. I've experienced it numerous times in a Level 7 FTD and it's a ride I pray I never have to take for real. When the nose even hints at going where you don't want it to go APPLY the appropriate pedal!!!!
  6. I agree with Wally that the GOM won't ever be what it was a few years ago. When I left almost a year ago a lot of the operating companies were really downsizing. I flew on a couple of different contracts that once had 2 birds flying the loop and doing their crew changes, but had cut back to one bird. It was not uncommon to fly 7 or 8 hours a day, and on occasion we would not be able to get everything done because I would time out. The company was basically still flying the same amount of hours but with one less pilot to pay. I still stay in touch with several of the guys that I flew with, and they say they are still flying their butts off and that the company is still hiring pretty steady due to normal pilot turnover. I wouldn't look for a noticeable increase in new drilling until crude stays steady at around $70 a barrel for a while. But that's just my opinion.
  7. Rattler One-Seven, by Chuck Gross is a good read. It's a true story about his experiences in Vietnam.
  8. Get the instrument ticket. When you are finished with it you should be in the neighborhood of 150 hrs. If you then get your CFI you should be right at the 200 hr mark, and able to satisfy the SFAR 73 requirement to be able to instruct in the Robbie.
  9. Don't forget the ones about a hot start and over-torque.
  10. For what it's worth, here is mine: Would I accept the flight with my wife and kids in the back? (and yes I love my wife and kids... ) If the answer is no then I don't go
  11. I wouldn't do anything else. I plan to fly as long as I can keep my medical. Money is ok for me, opportunity is there to make more if you like work over.
  12. The key is to be measured properly first. Mine is the standard 900 model with volume control and 1/2" earcup seals. If the helmet is fitted properly and you use the earcup straps and the nape ratchet it fits perfectly and is very comfortable, even with NVG's. It is definitely more comfortable than the SPH 5. I didnt get ANR with mine because when you fasten the earcup straps down it's like turning on the ANR...at least in mine anyway. Hope this helps. Good luck with it and if you need a different size liner get in touch with Pro-Flight Gear and they can fix you up.
  13. You only need 25 hrs in the 44 to be able to instruct in it (if you have at least 25 in the 22). I would not spend the extra money for 40 hours in the 44 for the instrument ticket. I'm sure the school would LOVE for you to do that, I would do 25 hours in it while working on your CFI. Just my opinion of course. James
  14. Mine is two fold. The first one is beaching out on the first day back on hitch as the sun is rising over the Gulf. The second is beaching in on break day and knowing I'm done for 2 weeks. LOL
  15. Cheapest way: If you hold a fixed wing rating, go get 25 hours instrument training in a plane then do your last 15 hours in a 22 or 44 before your check ride (perfectly legal). The downfall to this is that some EMS companies require X number of instrument hours in category, some may not care as long as you have the rotorcraft instrument ticket. The second question would require confirmation from the specific company, but I would assume since it is a helicopter job that they would want (require) it in category. I can only speak for my company but a Rotorcraft Instrument Ticket is required. Fly safe
  16. If things get much tighter in the GOM there may be a bunch of us looking at those CFI jobs again. Pray for higher oil prices!
  17. Agree on the Jeppesen Professional Pilot Log, I went to it a couple of years ago and love it. It has more columns that can be customized for different models or category (I do have an occasional lapse of sanity and fly fixed wing when I'm not on hitch).
  18. Send it back to Bose with a note explaining the problem. They will fix it and usually for free or a small fee.
  19. Agreed on NETWORKING. Keep it up, it's the reason I have the job I have today.
  20. Just curious as to the DA where this took place.
  21. PinS approaches caught me a bit off guard, and make sure you don't overlook the little words "Visibility reduction for helicopters NA" on the approach plate. LOL
  22. I have both the Zulu 2 and Bose A20. I prefer the straight cord because the coiled seems to get tangled and twisted very easily. I also like how the A20 fits and feels over the Zulu. ANR in both is good, Bluetooth seems to be better quality in the A20 but it seems to drain the batteries more than in the Zulu. Hope that doesn't muddy the water too bad for you. LOL
  23. I quit watching after 5 mins because the instructor picked it up and done all the taxi work for you. Not good technique on his part. How are you going to learn if he flies? With 4.4 hours you should be the one on the controls and he should be closely guarding and correcting gross mistakes but not flying. Was there reason for this? Adjusting the recording equipment? Tell him to let you fly the thing. Good luck and fly safe.
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