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  1. So that you (all of us) the peasant will THINK that the 545 "elected" royals actually might care about your well being.
  2. Ha.... I mainly use the "mobile" version of this site and it won't allow you to zoom in on pictures. I flipped over to the "full" version this morning to get a closer look..... dang that's a bunch of exposed bits with the door open. Yeah and I think down wash excellerated rain would have caused a problem or two. Good stuff right there. I sometimes miss the Armys never ending supply of interesting "happenings".......keeps one on ones toes.
  3. Looks like they left the "bag" on the gun.
  4. Granted I left the Army over 13yrs ago and the world of electronics and battery technology has umm... lets just say .... changed a bit. But I think that old school land nav should be required and tested annually to maintain flight status. Not trying to be mean or as my son says "being a pen15", but if you find yourself on the ground when you didn't want to be knowledge of the basics might be your only saving grace.
  5. Wow...... with the wide range of stages in career and knowlage on this board I would have figured someone would have some information about Javelin.
  6. Anybody here have(had) dealings with or know anything about Javelin Flight Funds? I have searched on this site and have used multible search engines to scoure the web to gain more info on them(good,bad,or indifferent). However I have found nothing more than what their web site states and a post on an airline pilot forum(which was not very helpful). I am looking at this as a possilbe addition to my VRAP benefits. Thanks in advance for any information on this, Jason
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