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  1. Napoleon, I just finished WOCS this week and we were allowed ten days leave if we had the days.
  2. Even on Active Duty, the USAREC recruiting team that verifies your packet can choose not to send it forward to the selection board if they deem it not acceptable. It could be for poor spelling and grammar or other reasons that cause them to not push it. You have remember that if a selection board gets a packet that meets the reg requirements but is obviously not going to get selected then it not only makes the recruiting process look bad but wastes the boards time.
  3. I had one approved. I was told that a major factor is the time since the event (I did this ten years ago when I was in high school and immature), what you did after the event (I attended ax murderer counseling and donated 100 hrs to Mother Against Ax Murdering aka MAAM), and the wording on your waiver request weigh heavily on whether it will be granted.
  4. So when you report in are you straight lock down or for the days before your class date are you allowed to leave and go home? Do they give you the snowbird patch and WOC rank or do I have to go buy that?
  5. I finally got my orders. They have a class start date, a report date that is 5 days earlier, and in the special instructions tell me to report 5 days earlier then the report date. Just finished phase i today, what a joke.
  6. Just seeing if anyone in here is going to WOCS phase II on 10 July?
  7. The lady is Dorothy Tharp. You can look her up or global or pm me and I will give you her number.
  8. Graphite, you would get BAH for Rucker since you are stationed there and not TDY en route/return.
  9. Yes, just call the housing office and talk to the lady. 334-503-3644. She will also tell you what you need to apply.
  10. If you are wondering when your date will be it depends on your packet. The packets are ranked on an OML with a sequence number much like the Army's centralized promotion system. The lower the number the sooner the class and the higher the number the further out the class.
  11. I was picked up on the May board, the list came out last Friday (17 May). My WOCS phase II is 10 July and basic is 24 November but I have heard the BOLC date is tentative.
  12. Just got my ATTRS slot for WOCS. Guess I need to knock out the DL phase pronto. Does anyone know if the report date on the actual orders will be ten days sooner for the in processing part?
  13. I am at Benning and have a bunch of buddies that are Drill Sergeants. Don't bother buying anything for BCT. While you are at AG (in processing) they will walk you to a military clothing annex and you will be forced to buy shoes, hygiene equip, and some other things. The amount will come out of your first check so don't spend your money beforehand.
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