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  1. Because regardless what the regs say, it is up to your recruiter whether or not it gets submitted with your package. The recruiter, or their command, can choose to be more restrictive. The regs are the minimum requirement. I am not going to argue about the validity of it all. But, suffice it to say that your recruiter submits the final package unless you are doing the active duty board.

    Even on Active Duty, the USAREC recruiting team that verifies your packet can choose not to send it forward to the selection board if they deem it not acceptable. It could be for poor spelling and grammar or other reasons that cause them to not push it. You have remember that if a selection board gets a packet that meets the reg requirements but is obviously not going to get selected then it not only makes the recruiting process look bad but wastes the boards time.

  2. I had one approved. I was told that a major factor is the time since the event (I did this ten years ago when I was in high school and immature), what you did after the event (I attended ax murderer counseling and donated 100 hrs to Mother Against Ax Murdering aka MAAM), and the wording on your waiver request weigh heavily on whether it will be granted.

  3. I had a report date for in processing and a class start date on my orders. Since I've been at WOCS I've seen aviators without the 10 days on there orders.. Theres no real set standard tommorow is my last day at HHC before I start my snowbird phase, and 2 aviators just showed up... and they will be fine to start with us. Just read your orders carefully.


    Make sure you print your grades once you've completed everything.

    So when you report in are you straight lock down or for the days before your class date are you allowed to leave and go home? Do they give you the snowbird patch and WOC rank or do I have to go buy that?

  4. Permissive TDY is allowed to find/arrange housing in the local area. It is not leave authorized to leave the surrounding area. It is meant for when you already arrive with household goods in your U-haul (DITY move) or in transit/Gov't Storage (procured move). Per the regs you must stay local and if housing is already arranged the commander can't authorize it.


    If you are doing the move yourself it is better to already have living arrangements since you will be paying for the rental vehicle.

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  5. AGE: 31
    ASVAB AFQT/GT: 89/126
    AFAST/SIFT: 130/65
    APFT: 281
    EDUCATION: Associates in Business
    FLIGHT: None unless you count time in control of a parachute
    BOARD: Active Duty
    LORS: CW4 (w/DFC) and unit chain of command
    OTHER INFO: SSG(P) with OEF/OIF tours, 8 yrs TIS, Numerous military schools.
    SELECTED: May 2013


    Found this forum after packet was complete but appreciate the wealth of information everyone displays here. By far the most in depth resource for information. If anyone wants help or has questions with the active duty packet/process I would be more than willing to help.

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    Can't say it enough. All the airframes are important. Which ever one you pick or even get forced into, its still the most relevant combat branch on the battlefield.


    I am not sure if I would say and branch is more relevant. To be truly effective in combat multiple branches (Infantry, Field Artillery, Aviation, and some more) work in synchronicity to accomplish the mission.

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