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  1. Yup, FW flight school guys used to have to go to the 60 course and then FW so that they had qualification in an Army rotary wing aircraft, so by just forcing them to all come from the 72 classes they can skip the training and money for you to learn to fly a 60 that you will never touch again.
  2. Awesome, I spent as many Saturdays as my wife would let me with the CF Houston guys in 2015/2016, first ride ever in a helicopter was in the UH-1E they have. Really looking forward to finding another museum to volunteer at now that I made in back to the U.S. I'll keep an eye out for when the tour comes through Alabama and see If I can come out.
  3. As others have said the pollution is bad and getting worse. My first year there we flew all the time in 3SM, and I've noticed quite a drop this year, regularly under 2SM. Very frustrating to see the new guys not progressing due to the weather. I just left there and its the first time ive seen clouds in forever. I'll post some pictures so you can see what I'm talking about.
  4. Congratulations on the retirement! Few make it that far. B-24's is a very short list, Collings Foundation or CAF?
  5. Straight overworked. 12 hour days are pretty much the standard. You do goto pt, that is on the 3-4 days a month im not working a full 12 day. Extensions are needed often. Operational readiness rates here are critical and everything must be operational all the time. Over the last year ive probably spent a couple hundred hours of my life on an apu correcting commo issues and doing bft checks on worn out aircraft. I wish I was exagerating. S1 S6 is the worst youll ever see. This place is where everyone new goes not just pilots. Extended AIT is how i refer to it. Your crew chiefs will always be brand new, some great people in that arena but they are not experienced until right before they leave and you start all over. 2 of our crewchiefs in the company currently flew before coming here the rest we will habe to train. Recently I and other RL1 PIs are slotted as a crew chief atleast once a week due to simply not having RL1 crewchiefs tp put 2 in an aircraft. Add in in dumb sh*t like "lets setup our tents that we just put away last month to make sure they are good for the field next month" starts to weigh on you after a while. The fact that the turnover rate is so high youll never have enough crews to support all the dv moves ect. Being unable to put up training flights means your just kicking the can down the road. we have guys not getting RL1 til 5-6 months in. Ive seen guys get orders before they get a first flight. I was lucky in that respect and have averaged about 115 hrs a year which isnt a ton. The turnover puts a strain on everyone else because youve always got half a company that is not flyable. That doesnt mean more flight hours, it means being on the schedule all the time as a backup or holding down the mtf line. Ive had two pure training flights that werent coupled to an AMR or mission in 2 years. Ive seen 2 guys straight out of school get pc in the two years here, both ran themselves into the ground to do it and will be getting out of the army as soon as possible. I love the country and dont regret my time here at all but its fast paced and if your one of the unlucky ones you may get 50 hours here in a year and then your out. If your on the lucky side youll atleast get a taste of almost every mission set available to a 60.
  6. Japan does come up occasionally, if you put korea or hondo for 60s youll get it. You might even get forced into them back to back. Ive spent almost two years now in Korea and love the country. Units are overworked and can go from amazing to crap in weeks due to high turnover
  7. Good to know. In the next couple years I would expect that to return as more WOs leave for the civilian world.
  8. Do not plan on going ocs after being a warrant. I cant find the milper but they put a stop to that a few years ago. People were doing exactly what you describe, dropping out of rotc, getting picked up as a warrant and then ocs. Circumnavigating the process to get the branch they want. Not huge numbers but enough to stop it. You can still revert to a warrant.
  9. +1 for that. Butguard rarely if ever does street to seat. Reserves I believe still does. Cant wait to get to the guard.
  10. All the guys who have been there say do the packet first and do not enlist. All the ones with a "plan" say otherwise. Listen to the guys getting accepted. You have nothing to lose. Acceptance rates are high on both sides but honestly nothing you learn as a tango is going to give you an edge that will actually matter. The only thing youve demonstrated is that a recruiter sold you a lie and you bought it. Yes youll know more about the helicopter, but it will not help enough to give up two years or more of your life as you wait to put in a packet. I second the fact that most tangoes talk of putring in packets.....and dont. The army has usually burned them pretty well and they would rather ETS, of which I dont blame them at all.
  11. Just had 2 LTs jump over. Havent seen any warrants. They are pumping out a ton from Rucker now so I think those days are long gone except if you happen to be in the rightplace in the right time. In our local FW spot i have seen the W1s make PC in less than a year so they are definately less expensive than youd think. Plus the Army doesnt make choices based on money when making everyone mad is an option.
  12. I fly 60's, no issue. Never heard anything from any of my fellow pilots complain about being lefthanded. There is one benefit, I never have to let go of the cyclic or transition to my other hand to write something down on my kneeboard. I do throw right handed so I may not be the foremost authority on this either.
  13. We never heard a specific story or history behind it. It was definately instilled that the relationship with the ground forces gets established for alot of us right there, as well as the contract that we will always make every attempt possible to get them out of harms way, knowing that if we go down they return the favor. Had a student dedicated to lining up the food. We were told it probably wouldnt be with yall very long once you stepped off that 3 minute flight. I vividly remember watching some poor dude devour an entire little ceasars pizza and two gatorades while the cadre just smiled and shoot his head. I wonder how long he kept it down, I watched them make it to the tree line and get dropped immediately and start pushing.
  14. The gravity of the situation really makes no difference in this case as far as the army is concerned. The reality is the board is going to spend about as long as it takes to read this post and yours to decide on his whole packet, and the second they see DUI its going in the no pile. There is no box to check on the board for "really bad dui and just kind of a dui". We just discharged a pilot who popped hot for marijuana, something that is legal in many states but not federally, who smoked on pcs leave after graduating flight school. Didnt hurt a soul and he was months from touching a helicopter. All that matters is you couldnt follow the rules, the training and money spent or any ammount of character witness testimony will not change the way the Army sees it unless we are fighting WWIII. So to take a chance on someone who has has been documented making one of the most socially irresponsible decisions possible is a hard sell. Should he apply? Sure, and if he cant do WOFT it doesnt mean he cant have a great career in another field if he is granted a waiver, but this forum often paints a too positive picture of peoples chances in situations like that.
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