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  1. Robinson R-44 Ferry Flight From California to Florida Have you ever flow from one side of the country to the other? Tired of flying the traffic pattern and want to get some time seeing new and different areas of our beautiful country? In the beginning of April we will be ferrying a brand new R-44 from the Robinson factory to Sarasota, Florida. You will do most of the flying. The trip will take 22-25 hours of flight time and about three or four days. If you are interested give us a call at 9413551259
  2. I will be praying for the families. Also really I hope they find peace in such a tragedy. For everyone else let all continue to do the best job we can do. Don’t take shortcut on that preflight and don't take and unnecessary risk. Remember your training and listen to your gut. Please don't assume I believe that the pilot made any mistakes that cause this tragedy. I just hope we are all are doing whatever we can to prevent the next accident. Fly safe. .
  3. I used to use Mechanix's gloves. Worked great for preflights and flying.
  4. ENG is so easy when it come to the flying. All you do is keep a set altitude and fly circles around the scene, or set up a OGE hover and keep your nose into the wind. The only challenging part is working the radios with the news station, Police, EMS, and other ENG heli's during a police chase going through multiple airspaces like class B. (PHX summer of 2007) At our company, we as pilots never had to talk on air. It was always a reporter doing the live news report. That was nice. It makes me really respect individuals like Bruce H in PHX (channel 3)
  5. Maybe they would over look the "drugs expermentation" if you joined the Say No to Drugs program. That way you could help young people from making the same mistakes you made. What does your father have to say about this? I hope things work out for you.
  6. I've flown up to 8,000 feet in a R-22. Where is your final destination?
  7. Viper killer I went to Quantum Helicopters and also taught there. It is a nice school with well maintained helicopters and some of the instructor there are men I taught how to fly so I can recommend going there. You'll have no problem getting a bird if you think ahead and schedule your flights in advance. The school is moving into a new facility soon which is very nice. Like any other school it's not perfect. The training is good but it will cost you. There some individuals who are hard to work with but they will never ask you to do anything unsafe and illegal which as I fly with other companies is not the case. The majority of people who trained there are happy with the training they received but that's not the case with everyone I know. So of course in the end its up to your personal decision. Go with your gut. P.S. Love that name! ViperKiller! Never lose your Rotor RPM
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