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  1. Or go border patrol. Not so much of the "R" in SAR, but lots of the Search and ...
  2. That's a bargain compared to how much the hospitals inflate the cost of an aspirin. If you do the math, at the same percentage of jacking up the cost of one aspirin to what they charge, one hour of flight time would easily be over a million dollars
  3. You can charge them whatever you want. Good luck on getting someone to pay it
  4. In my early days as a CFI, before I was experienced enough to predict the absolutely retarded things that are likely to happen, I saw less than 80% rotor RPM when a student did about 3 of the absolute worst things for rotor RPM in the span of a second and a half. There were all kinds of noises and shaking in the helicopter, but most were probably due to the seat being torn from its frame and being sucked up into my keister. They put safety margins in that kind of stuff, so at 79% the blades aren't going to stall and fold up.
  5. That's no good. Looks like the rotor was down to maybe 60% at the end 0:35 or so into the video. Hope they walked away.
  6. My helicopter records flight time from the first pull of the collective to engine shut down. My employer bills flight time from before pickup to after landing. Per the approved and mandatory checklist, it adds maybe a minute on each end of the actual skids up/down time. Or, for that matter... sometimes longer based on clearance. I log my 3 takeoffs and landings within 90 days and don't sweat the rest. If I ever leave and look for a job, I'll print out my 135 records and go from there.
  7. Yeah, what Butters said. Doing fixed wing is just throwing away money if you are looking to go the helicopter route. You could have 5000 hours total time in a 747, but in order to instruct in a 22, you will have to get another 200 hours in helicopters. Simply put, whoever is suggesting that you do fixed wing add on is steering you wrong.
  8. What if you don't have any VA benefits left? Do they still train you and offer a job? They seem more like a flight school (with some airline connections ) looking for VA funds and students than an airline company looking for pilots.
  9. Even with all the technology and oversight that available, we still haven't figured out how to avoid flying into bad weather and having poor results. Often times, in these situations, the only difference between making it back and not is luck. That luck could be in the form of time (5 minutes either way can make a huge difference), maybe seeing a hole just at the right time to regain control, maybe just having returned from IFR recurrent training (what you brushed up on might have had an entirely different outcome the hitch before), etc... If you want a realistic account of what kinds of
  10. This a grey area Imho, just because a passenger has a camera (just about everyone does) and wants to take a good picture over something they see while they are flying, it doesn't make it a aerial photography flight. There are nonstop sightseeing flights (within 25 miles) and there are aerial photography flights.
  11. That sounds like a CYA statement right there. I couldn't find that tail number on any 135 certificate (FAA's Jan 4, 2017 list). Can't be runnng around doing official company charters without the certificate, but if the pilot "rents" the helicopter on their own... Yeah, it could have been a 91 photo flight, but my memory is a little fuzzy on those rules. It's been a while since I did 91 ops.
  12. I love my job and still love flying. That being said, I have never met a higher concentration of people that complain about having to fly than when I am at work. A lot of the pilots at my company do it because it's a good money job that they can get with little effort after getting out of the military, not because they particularly like flying. I can't judge, I did the same thing. Except after I realized that I didn't want to make a career out of what I was doing, I took a pay cut and started flying.
  13. If that 9k per year is a fixed cost, plus the 750 an hour...I'd say that it all depends on how much you plan on flying it. That 9k hit gets way less painful the more you would fly. I'd suggest breaking it down to an hourly cost and see if that is acceptable to you. 10 hours a year would be 1650 an hour, 20 hours a year would be 1200 an hour, etc... (If my math is correct) But to get the hourly cost down, you are going to have to spend 25-50k a year flying around. And...if you have that kind of money to blow, then you might not have even asked the question in the first place :-)
  14. So the 9k is for the insurance company itself? As in what the policy increase would be per year, or a one time fee?
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