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  1. Some more food for thought. The above is not completely accurate. Probably close. I was selected for W4. Air Medal (with V), highest award. No degree. WOAC, but no WOSC. 4 deployments with a total of 54 months deployed. However I did have well written, enumerated top block OERs. One OER was blocked at center mass, but was from a senior rater with an immature profile and had a top block write up. Next OER from the same senior rater was a top block. None of this is bragging. I am not the greatest pilot to every live, nor am I the best officer the army has ever seen. I do show up
  2. Well done folks. Welcome to the fold. Now I hope you don't lose your broom pushing or coffee making skills over the course of flight school. Also now make sure you go through the WOC wash with the dirtiest nastiest car you can find, but tip well.
  3. Sure I have seen it, but not prevalent, far more prevalent is the Company Commander getting a PC designation in title only, but never scheduled as a PC at night, and during the day only with either the next person ready to take a ride, or a PC who will log the PI time. Also two of the very best Apache pilots (PCs) I have known in 13 years and 4 combat deployments were women. They excelled, one was PC ahead of me and deserved it, and the second one was an LT who was better in every way than every other PI in our unit, including the warrants, both men and women. I sat in the PC board and gav
  4. Awards are a completely separate topic, and the amount of fruit salad on your ASU means very little to most folks already in, one unit could be giving away air medals and MSMs and another unit could giving awards based on rank or position. If gender is playing a role in your unit's PC program, you have problems.
  5. Being a WO1 at the time, I had little choice on my transportation to the field site. But having logged hundreds of hours over the Korengal, and nearby associated valleys, I still can't decide which would be a worse place to sit.
  6. I can tell you that the one I fly with maxes out at 1500 as well. Although with the correct maps loaded, the aircraft will interpolate AGL altitudes above that as well.
  7. Well, part of the plan is finishing up the wife's degree and putting her to work. That is the racing fund and retirement account plan. My pension and next career are the maintain standard of living plan. . . .but you know what they say about plans.
  8. Remember too, that those guys didn't pin WO1 on until the completion of flight school. It is not unheard of for guys to make PC within two years of gradutating flight school. Different airframes progress at different rates as well. I am not starting a one airframe is more difficult than another, but I can tell you that at least in Apache land, there are no day only PCs, and PC is made when they are capable of being a PC in any mission, day, NVS, NVG. All current airframes are significantly more complex than that time as well. One thing I love about Army Aviation is that in many ways it
  9. I got it, and you are right. I am definitely ready to retire from the army and start the next chapter of my life. 3 years to go, to massage the finances to where I want them, then into the real world for me. I am sure there will be things I miss, but palmfish does a good job highlighting some of the things I won't. A stable residence for the family, and no more trips to fly in unfriendly skies have to rank right up there as well.
  10. MIne? Well this morning I made the mistake of telling her on the way out the door at 6:45, that I was looking forward to a slow weekend of relaxing and a hoppy beverage or two in the evening. My beautiful wife "You should have plenty of time, and won't that cold beer taste good after mulching the beds and putting in the plants I am picking up this afternoon."
  11. Well done and congratulations on your accident free 2013, incredible. Not going to make any wage comments, other than the fact that after 20 years of service, and 14 years of flying, my compensation is not something I complain about, but the early (enlisted) days weren't easy, I nearly doubled my paycheck delivering pizzas on the side.
  12. Don't know about every year, but twice in the last 5, we have had a mandatory BDE run that turned into a tat check. Males and Females were separated and with proper supervision (no one on one, no opposite gender inspections) everyone filed through in their undergarments. At that time it was checking for gang tattoos unauthorized affiliation tattoos. No one cared what was underneath your drawers, so your indecent crotch tat is probably ok.
  13. Just a couple quickies if you will indulge me. Good mechanic and lost tool story first: Jalalabad, Afghanistan 2011. I am a maintenance test pilot by trade, so work with our mechanics everyday. One of my best guys knocks on my hooch door about 2300, I have been in bed for about 2 hours. "Sir, I can't find my stubby screwdriver." "When did you last have it?" "Well I was working up on the left EFAB." (In close proximity to all the bell cranks for the flight controls and the engine inlet) "Thanks for telling me, let's get started on a 100% FOD check on the aircrafr." (No anger fo
  14. A lot of Big Johns out there I suppose, but yes there is one here.
  15. Was going to wait for a new thread to answer, but since he is actually the OP, all Apaches are D models, with the E models in the process of being fielded.
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