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  1. hello there!! did you sell these lessons yet?? regards mattcob
  2. hey falko!!! hows the gulf?? mattcob
  3. who can advise me?? its been a year now since i last flew! im no longer current, got a 1000hrs, am i employable still???? would an employer consider someone with that sort of break?? help im panicking!!!!! mattcob
  4. Just looking at the jobs and have seen the job advertised with elite in Nigeria, has anyone ever heard of them, I applied and they want my passport no straight away!! I'm sceptical about anything coming out of Nigeria!!! Any info greatly appreciated!!
  5. im back in uk doing my jaa conversion!!! starting all over again! havent flown i 4 months!!! getting withdrawals!! wendy emailed me the other day and told me tracy is married again!!! 5th time lucky i hope!!! hope all is well down there, great article about the huey!!! matt
  6. howdi mike!! im missing that old bird!!!! blue skies matt
  7. hello mike!!! dont suppose you want to fly me over from uk so i can come please!!! im having withdrawal symptoms!!!!! by the way cheers for the letter!!! all the best matt
  8. hello all!! been a while since i posted but got a pretty important question to ask!! im now flying r22 in northern minnisota, its a bit jolly cold up here!!! anyway, on an average day the temps here can be anything from between -10c - -25c and humidity 75 -97% we are having days when we are out flying, pulling full carb heat, for the whole flight with it still in the yellow, but if we push it in its still in the yellow!!! both situations are making me uneasy and its getting colder here!! i have called robinson and they did not get back to me and would really appreciate some technical advice asap!!! my gut feeling tells me im pushing things and should not fly, would like to hear from someone who knows what they are talking about!!!!! all the best blue skies mattcob
  9. Hello there!! What sort of terms were you looking for?? Where are you situated?? Regards Mattcob
  10. call alberto at northern helicopters 787 444 2908 in pr, he will be able to help you with anything you need, or want to do blue skies mattcob
  11. i flew with boatpix last year for a weekend, got 14hrs in 2 days, loved it , had a good fun flying, would reccomend them to other people, i have had a couple of friends work for them who have done well there, its a great alternative for hour building if you dont want to be a school cfi. and there are plenty of people who dont want to teach in a school enviroment!! blue skies mattcob
  12. please send me a picture of the truck i need to see it!!!!
  13. thanks guys for the mixed responses, sort of what i expected, but a lot of the bad stats seem to come from the rotorway, and with a lot more of them in the sky than any other experimental helo, im sure the stats get higher to, but what about anything on the safari, what is its reputation, its been around now for a very long time, has the same engine as a r22, tail rotor drive shaft, no belts at all on it, im sure it wouldnt be around for 27 years if it was dangerous!! all the best mattcob
  14. just wanted to know what people on this site think about home built helicopters like the safari or rotor way, is there anyone on here owns any of them, what sort of reputation do they have amongst the world of helicopter pilots. you dont seem to see al lot of discussion on this site with reference to them yet there are a lot of them out there!!! just curious blue skies mattcob
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