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  1. a question for you... how did you go about getting the contract with the news station?? I am trying to go about the same process, or at least get it started; any advise or help that you can offer?? PM me if you would like thanks
  2. what is rotors number .... or website; i can not find them anywhere..... or maybe i'm just not looking in the right places. let me know
  3. Live in Carlsbad, but fly out of John Wayne. I went into CH at the begining but decided it wasn't for me. PM if you want to know a bit more about our operation.
  4. Do you have an idea how much the expenses would cost, after the buy in?? Sounds like a good idea, but you have to make sure the people that buy in know exactly what's going on from the begining, to avoid any miscommunication. You are right about these schools that just ripp students off.
  5. You hit that one right on the nail!! It's the owners who keep the prices the way they are..... yeah sure; you have insurance cost, renting, blah,blah.... but the only reason the price is the way it is for flt trng and cfi pay, is because that's just more profit for the owners. They say what they can to get you in, knowing you'll just be struggling at the end. Take for example, the flght school that most pilots dislike; How can they justify charging that amount for their trng?? But, is the owner of a competing school going to say anything???? HELL NO!! Why!!! More money = More PROFIT!!. Unfortuneately, I'm one of those low time, unsafe pilots, out-there; and your right I'm trying to get by. Don't mean to sound bitter but, I'm just tired of the BS. "The industry needs pilot.", no they need experienced pilots. Where was the article on that when I signed the loan documents?
  6. Put me down for 2 patches...... This isn't one of those get rich quick schemes?? , I think SSH already cornered the market J/K
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