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  1. I can't believe this guy is still posting. I have not posted since I left for WOCS in '15 and he was all the rage at that time. Wow, I really slacked at looking on here during flight school lol.
  2. We loved living on post. The housing in Bowden Terrace is not bad at all.
  3. I can't believe this thread still exists. I stopped checking when I went to WOCS in August. I finished SERE and for kicks I thought I'd get back on and check the thread and voila it's still going. This has to be someone at Bravo or Delta company. No way Shinsplints is real.
  4. I would pay to see him go through SERE. I just finished 24 January and it was friggin freezing.
  5. Wow, I'm at WOCS for seven weeks and I come back to this thread at 46 pages. Amazing.
  6. I live about 45 minutes from New Orleans and I can tell you that Mardi Gras is a one time trip unless you enjoy slipping around on vomit in the French Quarter. You can also experience "Mardi Gras" when LSU plays in New Orleans against Alabama or Georgia.
  7. Let's not forget the big holiday postal season is coming.
  8. Thanks for meeting up with me StockTrader. It was nice to finally meet someone from VR.
  9. The walls can only be penetrated by thine holy hand grenade
  10. The walls can only be penetrated by thine holy hand grenade
  11. I will be at Rucker today getting to know the area. If any of you are available I would like to put some names with faces if possible. I understand your free time is very valuable so if it's not possible no big deal.
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