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  1. So I'm scheduled to leave for Ft Cambell on sunday (11/12 and return 11/14). I hear a recruiter is going to airline up there with us and chaperone the group from Florida. Any of you guys going to be on this trip?
  2. Looks like I'm finally going to get my packet finished up for January. Hurricane Irma slowed down the show for me. Stats: Age: 31 GT: 135 SIFT: 68 APFT: 238 Military: 0 Flight hours: 400 Hours fixed wing commercial multi license with instrument rating Physical: Stamped Civ Ed: 2.5 GPA BS in Mechanical Engineering LORs: Retired WO4, Retired Lt Col (aviation), Navy test pilot, civ company test pilot Battalion Board: 12/13/17 Also, does anyone know the protocol for including certificates (pilot license, logbook entries, etc) in a packet? My recruiter says to just list them on my resume, but
  3. I was working towards being a test pilot for the company I work for. That destiny is a thousand hours away and I wont be able to get to it without CFI'ing on the side, playing politics and taking a huge gamble by staying where I'm at for years and keeping my fingers crossed. Airlines have been a thought, but I dont know if I'd be able to do the monotony of the same route over and over. One of the opportunities in the Army I would compete for (hopefully leveraging several years of aviation testing experience as well as engineering education) is XP. I wouldn't have that possibility outside of
  4. So as a civ that's been working on a WOFT packet, this is all pretty discouraging. I'm 30 years old, at 350 hours FW commercial, college degree, decent salary in the tech field... I've been fairly set on doing military flying for a while. Army is my only option now due to age. Guard research tells me that they don't take non-prior guys. Do you salty warrants have any advice for civ guys wanting to go active?
  5. I'm using this: http://a.co/inJY3r4 I got about halfway through the WOFT process in 2013 when I got out of school. I was one of the first people to take the SIFT back then and there were no study guides besides leftover AFAST stuff. I went in with no preparation and got a 66. Girlfriend at the time talked me out of joining and all paperwork showing that I took it got lost. Since then I have gone from zero time to PPL to commercial fixed wing with about 350 hours and I've been a flight test engineer for 4 years... The knowledge portion of it is pretty easy for me, but the other sections of
  6. Yeah, I mean, I'll do what I have to do... was just hoping to be out and back the same day to avoid taking too much time off of work. Can't have my current employer getting suspicious Can you post back if it works out? I'm headed to Miami to retake the SIFT (Army lost records on the one I did right after college) on Wednesday and my recruiter will be scheduling the flight physical as soon as I get back. Presumably you are going for the January board? Hurricane Irma pushed my schedule to the right when it closed MEPS down.
  7. Where are you at in FL? Recruiter in Vero Beach is telling me I'm going to have to go to Fort Campbell....
  8. To Army Aviators! I'm ferrying an aircraft from KS to FL for work this weekend and will be making a fuel stop in Dothan or Enterprise. I'm nearing completion on my civilian WOFT packet and would like to meet up with a Warrant Officer while in the area. I will be equipped with my test scores/information/resume and would sincerely appreciate a brief interview. If available, my number is 772-559-4075. Thank you! -Nick
  9. Didn't get my packet finished up in time for the last one. Heres where I stand: Age: 30 Degree: 2.5 GPA BS in Mechanical Engineering ASVAB: 96 GT : 135 SIFT: 68 APFT: 260 (on practice evals, not yet completed) Flight Physical: scheduled Mil Experience : none Flight Experience: 330 Hours fixed wing commercial license with instrument rating LORs: Retired Lt Col (aviation), company test pilot, AF 2Lt (former coworker), working on more
  10. Putting my packet together now as a civilian: Age: 30 Degree: 2.5 GPA BS in Mechanical Engineering GT : 135 SIFT: 68 APFT: 260 (on practice evals, not yet completed) Flight Physical: scheduled Mil Experience : none Flight Experience: 320 Hours fixed wing commercial license LORs: Retired Lt Col (aviation), company test pilot, AF 2Lt (former coworker), working on more Will update as I get things wrapped up.
  11. Hello all, I am in the beginning stages of putting together a WOFT packet. I'm currently a flight test engineer working for an OEM that has been seriously considering the Army for a while now. I have a fixed wing PPL and am working on an instrument rating... flying/aviation has become a big part of my life. That being said, I've felt that something is missing in my life and I think that serving my country (and doing something I love at the same time) would be a great privilege. Took the ASVAB and SIFT a while back and did well. I dont have the greatest GPA (thanks engineering school), however
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