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  1. Thanks for asking Goldy- I have my ideas and may train at several schools/airports from PPL through CFI-I in the LA area to get a comprehensive training/experience- thanks for the invitation to breakfast at CMA, though I cannot make this Saturday, any future opportunities will be greatly appreciated- I plan on eventually joining the PHPA- appreciate the support from everyone on this community- happy, safe flying to you too!
  2. Hey everyone- thank you for your responses- I wasn't notified by email that anyone responded and just came across my post and saw your responses..
  3. Hello all I'm new to this forum I live in LA and have been doing my research on helicopter flight training schools and have visited most at this stage in my region-looking for training from zero hours through to CFI-I for a professional heli pilot career- looking for the highest standards and most professional, safest school Would appreciate any feedback from anyone who has actual experience - positive or negative -with any of the following schools.. Van Nuys airport is nearest to me (most companies are only 15-20 minutes drive for me)- I'm considering- -Elite Helicopters - Orbic
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