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  1. Thanks for asking Goldy- I have my ideas and may train at several schools/airports from PPL through CFI-I in the LA area to get a comprehensive training/experience- thanks for the invitation to breakfast at CMA, though I cannot make this Saturday, any future opportunities will be greatly appreciated- I plan on eventually joining the PHPA- appreciate the support from everyone on this community- happy, safe flying to you too!
  2. Hey everyone- thank you for your responses- I wasn't notified by email that anyone responded and just came across my post and saw your responses..
  3. Hello all I'm new to this forum I live in LA and have been doing my research on helicopter flight training schools and have visited most at this stage in my region-looking for training from zero hours through to CFI-I for a professional heli pilot career- looking for the highest standards and most professional, safest school Would appreciate any feedback from anyone who has actual experience - positive or negative -with any of the following schools.. Van Nuys airport is nearest to me (most companies are only 15-20 minutes drive for me)- I'm considering- -Elite Helicopters - Orbic Air -Group 3 Aviation -RotorFX Second nearest- would be Star Helicopters at Hawthorne (about 25 minutes) I'm also considering Los Angeles Helicopters- they do seem to have the best reputation - but are the furthest commute for me - 40+ minutes- and seemingly possibly the most expensive..) though ultimately extra cost in money or travel time would be worth it to me if it means getting the best, most professional and safest training available. Thank you in advance for any feedback. Gratefully, Justin
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