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  1. I guess my reply didn't post so I will try again. Thanks again for the information on the AZ and FL units. I personally can't see why FL would be hurting for pilots with it being a sunny state and a great place to fly, but that's just me questioning who wouldn't want to fly in FL. As for the packet, I guess my reasoning for not already figuring out this information is A) I do not have my 4 year degree yet B)I broke a bone in my foot last year while on Active Duty that is on my record and C)my vision which is 20/400 but correctable to 20/20, however I have yet to have any type of surgery d
  2. Right now I live in MS. There are two Aviation units here that I know of, but I'm pretty sure neither is looking for pilots.
  3. For those that asked questions, sorry that I am just now getting back. I am not wanting to pursue flying in the Air Guard. I do not have my 4 year degree yet and the Air Guard is cutting people left and right. Actually, I would just about rather enlist Army guard than Air Guard. I realize it will not be easy doing either one, but I am about to start calling around. Arizona and Florida will be my first calls. Thanks for more information guys.
  4. Here is a question then about instructor jobs at Rucker then. I have heard of some instructors at Rucker having no prior military flight experience. How would they be hired, if this was the case to instruct someone? I assume instructing in the helos at Rucker is different from a maintenace test pilot or instructing someone in a specifc type airframe?
  5. How would I go about putting in the packet? Would I have to have an Army PT test, would I get this through an Amry recruiter, etc? I would love to know more information on this.
  6. I wonder if I transfer to the Army Guard if I will be in a 6 year committment seeing as how I am currently in a committement? I guess I have a ton of questions for a recruiter. I wear contacts, might require Lasik, etc. I don't even know if I'd be fit to fly in the Guard. I go in a couple weeks to try and get signed off on a Flight Physical just to try and start getting some flying hours in the meantime.
  7. Are there actually states that are hurting for Guard Pilots? While I am currently in the Air National Guard I would love to cross over into the Army Guard to find a pilot position. I know I would first have to enlist into the Army Guard, go to Basic and AIT, but with a background in Avionics I would hope I could get the AIT waived. However, if not it would be no big deal as I don't see the school being a challenge since that's my previous background.(Not implying it will be easy), but have a knowledge in Avionics and Flight Instruments and Controls could not hurt in my opinon. So, with
  8. I see jobs all the time wanting these positions, my question is how do you become qualified on the AH64 to be a maintenance test pilot if you have never been a pilot in the military? Just for instance there is a job right now with the South Carolina Guard for a AH64 Maintenane Test pilot. Does this job require you currently be a pilot or are they looking for enlisted to send to WOFT?
  9. Spike thanks for this info. I plan to have all the funds/cash available when I start this. I want all my dots in order. I don't want to have to stop halfway through because of money issues. I want to start and train right through, without even possilby having to work during this time. If when I get out I can find a job instructing great. I just want there to be some job out there when I finish. I am not looking for a 60k job having 200 hours or so.
  10. Thanks guys for the insight provided. As for working overseas I'm not 100% locked into a job yet. My goal is to go over there and work, take the classes while home by either going to the Upper Limit school close to me in Memphis or just finding someone to give me the lessons, not sure what would be the best route to go. Cburg you make it sound like just taking lessons from someone instead of the school would be better. The thing is I have the GI bill through the National guard so I'm hoping to let it pay for some of it after I get my Private. There is just so much to learn and stuff to
  11. Does anyone in the surrounding area fly for work or for fun or just have a CFI that teaches? I would love to get an intro flight just to see what everything is about before I leave for work overseas. My goad is to come back and get some training and go from there.
  12. Are you still doing this? Would you consider someone just tagging along to see what flying in a helo is like for a day or two? I don't mean tag along for free as I'd be interested in paying.
  13. I have made a couple of post, that seem like the same question, but I'm wondering about starting out. I am hoping to take an upcoming job overseas doing maintenance work as my background is NDI and Avionics. My schedule would include 90 days on and 45 days off. I know that most say you invest a ton of money for little return when it comes to helicopter schools. Since I am hoping to keep a full time job, how long would it logically take for someone to achieve all their ratings? Could you do it in under 2 years and then hope to attain a teaching job as a Flight Instructor. I am not looking
  14. Hello, I am currently an Air Force Guardsman and have more than likely posted all of this before. My situation is this, I am 31 and an E-5 with a background in Avionics. What would the transfer to the Army Guard be like to become a WO and apply for WOFT. I have heard you must enlist, do Army Basic and then come back and submit a packet. I have also heard some units put you directly into a special class so to speak specifically designed for people wanting to go to WOFT. Also, is there a list of units and openings for Aviators or when their boards meet? I'm currently residing in MS, but I
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