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  1. Same here, 75/100 and 30/50. Math was OK to say the least. Extremely confident on the Army Aviation Section.
  2. Is it just me, or does anyone think they have made it easier. I remember seeing guys with a lot of experience, that have already taken the AFAST making 40ies-50ies. I just took it and got a 66 and I barely studied, and have 0 flight time (other than an intro flight). I have been hearing a lot of 60+ scores lately.
  3. I'm sure this has been answered many times, but what does one do during these bubbles?
  4. You know, your right! I never considered the ship date lead time. How long is that usually?
  5. What kind of work did you do before getting selected? Reason I'm curious is, IDK when I should inform my employer of my WOFT plans. Part of me knows that I should probably tell them now, in the event I get picked up in May or July so they have ample time to find a replacement. But I fear I will either be 1) Dismissed then, and then have to find another job until getting picked up, or 2) Be kept around, but removed from my mgmt role, and no longer eligible for bonuses and raises.
  6. Ok LOR question guys, I meet a retired CW3 a couple months ago by chance when he came by to do an FFL transfer from me. We talked for awhile and I eventually asked if he would mind writing a LoR. He agreed and has been working on if for about a month. This whole time I thought my aviation LoR was in the bag, and combined with the dean of the dept I graduated in, and a Major General that my LoR's would be solid. Well I just got his "draft" and lets just say it must still be in the "rough" stage. Any idea how I should approach this? Do I email him back with suggestions on how to improve it (kinda bold since I'm the one who asked for it). Or do I simply say thanks and look elsewhere?
  7. Instead of wasting the gas, call around to different recruiting stations and ask, "Is anyone with this station familiar with putting together WOFT packets for civilians"? If they don't even know what WOFT is, the answer is NO. The second you mention OCS however, you are going to get hit with "Nope, Sorry OCS applications are frozen right now....." Make sure they are familiar with WOFT specifically. If once you call around to find no one familiar with them. I'd try to take my chances with the station that sounded the most confident, and work with the recruiter to help get the the process rolling. Just question ANYTHING he says that doesn't line up with what you've learned here.
  8. That is amazing! And it is great to hear that you are now in good health!!! I apologize, but I cannot help with either question as I am not in flight school, nor am I versed in the medical requirements.
  9. I'll try to be brief, but please by all means feel free to PM with additional questions. The degree- Do not stop school to apply for WOFT, do them hand in hand. Keep hacking away at it until you are officially selected, in that case, you should be able to use your orders to drop your classes without any negative repercussions. If this ends up being the case, MAKE SURE YOU GO BACK AND FINISH!!! The GPA- I would assume you use a cumulative GPA from all college level schooling. The Recruiter- GO NOW! Be upfront about it when you call though. My recruiter knows I was overweight but chose to take me anyway knowing I was working on it. My PT is terrible at the moment, but the more steps I complete the more motivation I have to keep at it. No idea about the prior service question. I don't think you will have to retake the ASVAB, however if your initial GT is lower than 110, I believe there is a partial test you can take to raise it. As far as the LoR's go, I would mention it to the people that you you intend to have write on , and tell them that you are applying and have considered speaking with them for a LoR. They may be all about it. Once you have passed the flight phys and SIFT (Know that the only thing that stands between you and the board is a PT score), then ask them to write it. I think you are good on the clearance, but really have no idea what they will make you do. Good Luck!!
  10. I will tell you that the answer is no. I know because it just happened to me 2 days ago. My recruiter sent me up to MEPS on Sunday night to take the physical and SIFT on Moday (SIFT is only given on Mondays at 0800 at the New Orleans MEPS.) Upon arriving I was told by my liaison that I would not be able to do both as they occur at the same time, and to pick one. I chose the SIFT, and was done by 1030. I then spent the REST of the day (1030 to 1700) sitting around (I really think it is BS that they couldn't get me into medical then.) I was then held over and sent back to the hotel to come back to following morning to do my physical. Where I was done for 1100 and had to sit around yet again all day. Please take heed my advice and drive yourself to MEPS!
  11. Guess I'll post up my stats for the first time. AGE: 22 ASVAB AFQT/GT: 85/120 SIFT: 66 APFT: Not Done Yet EDUCATION: Associate of Science 3.2 GPA FLIGHT: None BOARD: Not Done Yet LORS: Major General Basilica, CW3 retired IP and current instructor for Flight Safety, Dean of the department I graduated from. Potential CW4 from a current SP. OTHER INFO: Have a GED
  12. So I finished my first trip to MEPS this evening. Took the SIFT and did the physical. My question is, once the doc "signs off" are you done or "approved" medically? Provided nothing comes back in your blood or urine of course. Reason I ask is, when I orginally filled out the paper medical prescreen form I checked "yes" on a couple of things. When the SGT was entering in my answers he apparently checked "no" on one of the questions. (Giving him the benefit of the doubt and calling it an accident) I have heard in the past that MEPS will require proof from a DR that you are ok before them sending you. Well apparently this didn't happen because they had no idea about it since my prescreen was entered with the "no" answer. When we got to the medical breifing we basically refilled out the whole history sheet agian and of course I was honest and listed everything correctly. When I got to the interview with the doc, he asked a few questions about it, asked how long I'd been off the meds, told him. 4-5 years, he said "good" and sent me on my way. Nothing else was ever mentioned. Just curious if I am "done" or are my records forwarded higher up for actaul approval?
  13. Well that's done....Scored a 66, so I guess it's on to the next step...MEPS physical tom morning and flight physical week after next. Some of my feedback: I was only able to complete 75 out of 100 simple figures. My computer was really slow and it would be 3-5 seconds between questions. The timer was frozen while the new question loaded however. Hidden figures I finished 30 out of 50, again really slow between questions. It was the same 5 figures, one of which needed to be located within the hidden picture. Aviation Knowledge, I read the first 3 chapters of the FAA Helicopter Handbook, and studied the Cram.com AFAST flashcards (linked below). They did ask 1 airspace question. The Army Aviation specific questions can be answered with what little knowledge you have gained from the forum. (IE: The light recon helicopter know as the Kiowa Warrior is known by which designation? = OH58D) Spatial Apperception, study the for dummies book and you got it. The rest is all ASVAB level math, mech, and reading. Brush up on your college algebra and probability. Mech, make sure you have a basic understanding of physics. Knowing a few basic formulas wont hurt either. I used the following to study: FAA Helicopter Flying Handbook Military Flight Aptitude Test for Dummies -I can send these to anyone who made need them- Cram.com AFAST flashcards: http://www.cram.com/flashcards/helicopter-knowledge-for-afast-984281
  14. Any last min pointers? Taking this bad boy in the morning.
  15. If it is, March 14th, then count me out for this board, my flight phys isn't until the 19th.
  16. Any Idea what the packet deadline for May is, for civ? My recruiter was saying March 14th, but I'm pretty sure that is from the AD list.
  17. Correct, which is why I was asking if the Spatial questions on the actual test were pretty much Identical.
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